‘Yellowstone’ TV: Small Clue Has Fans Believing John Dutton’s Season 4 Fate Is ‘Sealed’

by Thad Mitchell

One of the many mysteries that the hit television show “Yellowstone” must solve in the new season is the fate of John Dutton.

Played perfectly by actor Kevin Costner, John Dutton owns the Yellowstone-Dutton Ranch and is also the Dutton family patriarch. The ranch has been in the Dutton family for more than a century — and John is hellbent on keeping it that way. An aging and grizzled cowboy, John Dutton has shown he will take on anyone that tries to take what is his. He rules over the ranch with an iron fist and also has a team of capable cowboys backing him. The problem — there are others that think the Yellowstone Ranch should belong to them. With no shortage of enemies, the Dutton clan must fight to keep their land and property.

Enemies of the Dutton family struck at the end of season three, attacking three of the family members. While assisting a stranded family on the side of the road, John Dutton is gunned down by an unknown entity. He is shot several times in the chest. His children, Kayce and Beth Dutton, are also ambushed by unknown attackers. The fate of all three Duttons is left totally up in the air and “Yellowstone” fans are left to wonder who is dead and who is alive. Now, an eagle-eyed fan of the show believes writers put a big clue in the season four casting reveal. The fan also reveals their theory on a Reddit page dedicated to “Yellowstone” discussion.

“I just noticed there have been some updates to the characters on the cast and crew list on imdb.com,” The Redditor says. “Whether or not these ‘new’ characters are important or pivotal, I have no clue.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Believe John Dutton is Alive

Of particular interest in the casting reveal is actor Mike D. Harris, who will play a “Hospital Visitor.”

The question is just who is this no-name visitor going to see in the hospital. Perhaps a man who has just been shot in the chest?

Many “Yellowstone” fans also believe John Dutton survives the attack at the end of the third season. From his final scene, it appears as though a well-placed cell phone in his shirt pocket may have saved him. As he is the series’ primary protagonist, it makes sense to have him survive the ordeal. If he does survive the attack, it is very likely that he is gravely injured and is taken to a medical facility. Perhaps Harris’ character is an old friend coming to the hospital to visit John Dutton.

In the first and only “Yellowstone” season four trailer, we see Rip Wheeler is the first to arrive at the scene where John is. He asks John not to die on him as he seeks medical attention. It could be Rip that saves John’s life in the end.

“Yellowstone” will return this fall and we couldn’t be more excited to get answers to our burning questions.