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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Brecken Merrill Has Fans Going Nuts Over His New ‘Mugshot’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images for Key Elements PR)

As aspiring cowboy Tate Dutton on the hit television series “Yellowstone,” Brecken Merrill is making a name for himself in Hollywood.

Merrill, who is 13-years-old, is the youngest of the “Yellowstone” cast and also one of its most talented. He’s been with the show since the beginning, making his first appearance in the show’s first season. “Yellowstone” fans have watched both Brecken and Tate grow up on screen through the Paramount Network series. A cowboy in training, Tate stands to inherit Yellowstone Ranch one day. His grandfather, family patriarch John Dutton, has already started teaching him how a cattle ranch should be run. His parents, Kayce and Monica Dutton, just recently moved into the ranch’s main house as John moves out. Part of the reason for their move was to have Tate closer to his family and also to begin learning the cattle ranching ropes. We expect that Brecken Merril’s Tate Dutton will have a big part in the upcoming fourth season.

Like other members of the “Yellowstone” cast, Brecken Merrill is quite active on social media. He enjoys interacting with fans of the show and often shares his adventures with his social media followers. His most recent social media post has fans buzzing over the photo he includes. It is easy to see from the photo that young Brecken is quickly growing up. He jokes the pic is his “mugshot” taken after getting detention.

“Juvenile delinquent,” he humorously writes in the post’s caption space. He also jokingly calls himself a “bad apple” with a hilarious hashtag at the end of the post.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Posts ‘Mugshot’ on Instagram

His Tuesday Instagram post drew the laughter of numerous “Yellowstone” fans. Some even weigh in on the photo and also express their excitement to see Brecken return to the show for season four.

“You are going be grown up before we ever get to see season four,” a fan writes in the comments.

“You are turning into a young man before our eyes,” another “Yellowstone” watcher says. “Can’t wait to see you in the new season!”

“Perfect mugshot, Brecken,” another commenter says. “You have really grown up since season one.”

“Yellowstone” fans are anxious to see what the upcoming new season will have in store for Brecken Merrill and Tate Dutton. The previous season ended with three of his family members coming under attack by an unknown entity. His father, grandfather and aunt, Beth Dutton, are ambushed as the final seconds of the finale tick away. Each of the three could be dead, alive or gravely injured heading into the new season.

You have to think that this won’t sit well with Tate. Though he is young, could we see Tate teaming up with “Yellowstone” cowboys to seek revenge? With “Yellowstone,” you should expect the unexpected.