‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Brecken Merrill Posts Hilarious Aged Photo of Himself Joking About Growing Up

by Thad Mitchell

Brecken Merrill might be the youngest cast member on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” but his star is on the rise.

At 13 years of age, Brecken Merrill plays the young and curious Yellowstone” cowboy in training Tate Dutton. Tate is the son of Kayce and Monica Dutton and the only grandchild of Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton. Young Tate spends most of his days rubbing elbows with the bunkhouse crew and learning the ways of the ranching life. As the only member of the youngest Dutton family generation, there is a good chance Yellowstone Ranch will be his someday. As such, his grandfather is getting a head start on teaching him to keep a cattle ranch in tip-top shape. Much like his father, Tate doesn’t go out looking for trouble but trouble seems to find him. The young man has been put through the wringer in the show’s three seasons, but he’s proven to be quite tough.

Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Brecken Merrill is your ordinary young teenager — curious about the world around him. Taking to social media yesterday (Thursday), Merrill has a little fun with fans of his show. In his post, Brecken says he hears the jokes about Tate’s status on the show as some are speculating he may be much older in season four. The young and rising “Yellowstone” star is taking it all in stride.

“All the jokes about Tate being in college or married by the time season four starts crack me up!” Merrill writes in the social media post.”Just remember, it will be worth the wait.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Draws Laughs on Social Media

The hilarious photo included in the post shows what Tate might look like when he moves into upper ages. The “Yellowstone” star’s Instagram post drew tons of laughs from the show’s huge fan base.

“We are watching you grow up on screen,” a “Yellowstone” fan writes in the comments. “We can look back when it’s all done and say look at that little cutie and now he’s becoming an awesome young man! Hopefully, we can watch Tate run the ranch with his family.”

“13 years old and you don’t look a day over 75,” another fan says. “It must be all those donuts!”

Indeed “Yellowstone” fans have watched Brecken Merrill grow up on our television screens. We have also seen Tate continue to grow and mature as the series moves along. From battling a rattlesnake in the first season to being kidnapped by a mafia in another, Tate has had to grow up fast.

“Yellowstone” fans wonder what the fourth season will have in store for the youngest of the Dutton family. Whatever it brings, we hope to see even more of Brecken Merrill and Tate Dutton in the new season.