‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Brecken Merrill Posts Epic Photo of Forrie J. Smith on Horseback with Season 4 Update

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s young Tate Dutton actor is as eager for Season 4 as we are, and has a fantastic update featuring Forrie J. Smith to tide us over!

Leave it to Tate’s Brecken Merrill and Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith to put a smile on Western fan’s faces. Such is the case Sunday with the former’s latest Instagram update.

“It’s Sunday, and I know we’re all wanting #yellowstoneseason4,” Yellowstone‘s youngest star posts. While his offering within is great, we don’t want to get your hopes up too high, however. The young actor doesn’t have a Season 4 release date for us, so get those expectations lowered real fast before we continue.

“I can’t tell ya when it will start, but I can give you a little something to tide you over,” Merrill promises (see?). As for said promise, though, the Tate Dutton actor says he will “post a #bts photo” from his “Yellowstone adventures over the years… Every Sunday until Season 4!”

It’s no release date, but how’s that for a deal? Fans are eager for anything and everything Yellowstone in the grueling wait for Season 4, so Merrill’s Sunday promise is a sight for sore eyes. He’s even delivering with this first post. Check out great behind-the-scenes horseback shots of the Tate actor and Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith below:

“This is one of my first riding lessons back before we started shooting season 1,” Merrill says of the Instagram photos. “@forriejsmithcowbo was running around the arena living his best life! Look at that smile 😁” he continues of the set.

We expect no less from Smith, a real life rodeo king and cowboy basically since birth.

When Can We Expect ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

As great as these photos are (sincerely), we know there’s no getting around the true question on fan’s minds. And it goes a little something like this:

“When the hell is Season 4 premiering!?” – That’s putting it gingerly, too.

Indeed, Yellowstone fans are slogging through letdown after letdown when it comes to this premiere date. Another Father’s Day has come and gone, with this holiday typically hosting season releases in the past. A fitting tribute to (the sometimes highly questionable) patriarch John Dutton, yes?

For 2021’s Season 4, however… No dice. To make matters far more confusing, we’ve not even seen a single trailer – or even a teaser – yet! So what gives, Paramount?

We need not remind anyone of the impact 2020 and the COVID-19 Pandemic had on everyone in its worst throws. Like many shows, Yellowstone was indeed delayed, with production having to shift many elements around in order to accommodate safety protocols.

Over on Yellowstone‘s Reddit board, fans are doubling down on this fact to quell those who keep crying wolf for a Season 4 release date.

“Because of Covid, they got a late start to filming,” one Redditor states recently. “I would think they would have filmed all the scenes needed for the first couple of episodes first because they knew filming would run into the Montana winter.”

As for our part? We believe Paramount is up to something with Yellowstone Season 4. A huge surprise reveal in late Summer 2021 feels likely.