‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Cole Hauser Explains Why Beth and Rip Needed to ‘Investigate’ Each Other

by Halle Ames

If you are as damaged as Yellowstone’s Rip and Beth Dutton are, an apprehensive investigation period while dating is allowed and encouraged.

Yellowstone’s ‘Slow Burn’ Couple

From the moment Rip found himself on the Yellowstone ranch, it was over for our young couple. In typical cliché fashion, the rough and dirty boy falls for the clean and polished “farmer’s” daughter. Little does Rip know that sweet little Beth is just as dark and twisted as he is.

After a short getting to know each other period, Rip and Beth fall hard. But, in typical young love TV drama fashion, something traumatic happens. Beth gets pregnant, gets an abortion, and loses her opportunity to have children forever. Rip remains in the dark about the whole situation.

When Beth is of age to leave the Yellowstone ranch, she quickly packs her bags and heads for the city. She can no longer deal with the cattle and ranch life and trades it for Salt Lake City’s concrete jungle.

It isn’t until Lee Dutton’s death that John calls all his children home to fight the never-ending line of enemies ready to destroy them and take the Yellowstone ranch for themselves.

It is here that a mature and bad*ss Beth Dutton returns to the ranch, only to find her first love still just as she left him. “You’ve gotten old,” Beth tells Rip. “And you haven’t aged a day. Sh*t, you may just cheat death yet,” Rip responds to Beth.

Cole Hauser Touches On Rips ‘First And Only Love’

Immediately, the spark is back. However, Cole Hauser, the actor who plays Rip on Yellowstone, says that the couple isn’t an all-in relationship. After plenty of bumps in the road, the two are settled down, and finally, the “slow burn” is over.

Will we finally see a wedding? Or will Yellowstone fans witness a funeral? Cole Hauser sits down at Deadline’s Contenders Television awards-season event to touch on Rip and Beth’s unconventional relationship.

“As far as Rip’s concerned, that was his first and only love from when he was 15 years old,” Hauser said. “Time stopped for him, and he realized how really special she was and what she could give to his life. But he has lost her a lot over time. I love what Taylor did. He made it a slow burn for us, and it has taken four years now to investigate each other as people and how their hearts beat. And it has been a pleasure to do that with Kelly.”

If Beth was injured during the explosion at the end of Yellowstone season three, will Rip seek vengeance for his fiancé and the only girl he has ever loved? Is it going to be a Rip Wheeler bloodbath?

Cinema Blend notes that the new season will air on June 20, 2021. Can you feel the excitement yet?