‘Yellowstone TV’ Star Cole Hauser Once Revealed The ‘Most Important Thing’ He Considers When Playing Rip

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” fans know that Rip Wheeler is a complex man. And even that may be the understatement of the year. For every beautiful thing Rip does on the show, there’s an equally terrible thing as well. And vice versa. Some people say nothing in life is only good or bad, everything is a mix of both. And “Yellowstone”‘s Rip Wheeler is the perfect example of that. Actor Cole Hauser, who plays Rip on the show, agrees. During an interview in 2019, Hauser talked about how he considered the role of Rip on “Yellowstone.” He said that he recognized the “evil” in Rip but he wanted to play him as a regular guy.

“I mean, he’s many things,” said Hauser.

Hauser then revealed the most important thing he considers when playing Rip for “Yellowstone.”

“And the most important thing, I think, when you’re playing somebody like Rip at times is not to play him evil. It’s just to play him as a normal person. Because I don’t think he looks at him as a bad guy or a fixer.

Hauser added that he thinks Rip considers himself to be a normal guy just doing his work on a ranch.

“He looks at himself as many different things for John and for the ranch and for the family and for Beth. So, I think, what was important to me and Taylor [Sheridan] when we spoke about him is not to make him this evil, mean-spirited guy,” said Hauser. “It was actually to just make him very normal. Like this is just part of my day-to-day work.”

Cole Hauser Said He Enjoys Playing Rip Wheeler as a Romantic Guy on ‘Yellowstone’

As state previously, there are many layers to Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone”. And one of those layers is a soft-hearted, romantic guy. Actor Cole Hauser said that he enjoys getting to show this more romantic side of Rip on the show.

“Taylor [Sheridan] asked if I would be interested in making this a little more romantic,” said Hauser during a recent interview. “I thought ‘Yes, of course, I would. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to do that in my career.’”

Hauser said that playing a softer side of Rip Wheeler was almost like playing a whole new character on the show.

“When he started writing it, it was an absolute pleasure,” he said. “It gave me another character within the show and another color. It’s been wonderful to show that side of me, but also of Rip.”

We’ll see what season four of “Yellowstone” brings for the show’s favorite couple. Although an exact date has not yet been released, the show announced that the new season will premiere this Fall.