‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Cole Hauser Posts Adorable Video of Daughter Learning to Ski

by Keeli Parkey

“Yellowstone” actor Cole Hauser is enjoying some quality family time these days. Based on a recent social media post, he has been in the great outdoors with members of his family.

On Wednesday (Feb. 24), the actor shared a video on his personal Instagram account of one of his children learning to ski. And, it is absolutely adorable. The video is accompanied by the caption: “The last of the kids learning to ski. #steelyrose killin it girl!”

The video, which is almost 30 seconds long, shows the youngster successfully navigating a woodsy winter wonderland. A male voice can be heard encouraging the young athlete on her journey down the hill. It’s safe to assume that voice to Cole Hauser’s. “Great job, sweetie,” the voice says in the video. “That’s some great turns.”

Fans of Hauser’s were happy to see what his daughter can do on the ski slopes. They responded very positively to the skiing video after he posted on Feb. 24. By 9:15 p.m. that day, the video had been viewed almost 48,000 times.

“Her basketball moves come in handy for skiing, body control … great job encouraging her dad …” one fan posted. “I love the positive reinforcement Cole,” another said. “Great job girl. As a ski instructor, beginner kids were my favorite students,” an additional fan shared.

Cole Hauser is Father to Three Children with Wife Cynthia Daniel

Steely, the skier seen in the video posted on Instagram by Cole Hauser, is just one of his three children. He also has two sons. One is named Ryland. The other is named Colt. Hauser and his wife, Cynthia Daniel, are parents to three children.

Ryland is the couple’s oldest child. He was born in 2004. Hauser and Daniel married in 2006. She once had a career as an actress and is also a professional photographer. During her acting career, she appeared on “Sweet Valley High” and “That 80s Show.” She ended her acting career during 2002. After that, she opened her Five Arrows Photography company.

The couple’s second child was another boy. His name is Colt and he was born in 2008. It wasn’t until 2013 that Cole Hauser and Cynthia Daniel had their first daughter. They named her Steely Rose. And, based on her performance on the slopes, she is giving her older brothers a run for their money in the sports department. Good for you, Steely!

Even though he stays very busy working on the wildly successful television “Yellowstone,” Cole Hauser remains focused on one of the things that really matters in life – one’s family.

The actor talked about how he manages his family and his successful acting career with the Havok Journal in 2020.

“I am pretty good about compartmentalizing working and family. They are two of my biggest passions. I am not the kind of guy who forgets about them,” Cole Hauser said. “… always making time for each and every one of my children and also my wife, also, as a family together. I am good about making time for the whole family. You have to figure that balance out. But as a father and a husband, you have to make the time and work just as hard at it.”