‘Yellowstone TV’ Star Cole Hauser Said He Frequently Asks Co-Creator Taylor Sheridan to Write One Type of Scene for Rip

by Katie Maloney

Most “Yellowstone” fans can probably recite a list of their favorite scenes from the show. But what are the actors’ favorite scenes? The “Yellowstone” cast is on set every day to produce our favorite show, so what set location do they like spending time in the most? Actor Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on the show, revealed his favorite location during an interview in 2020. He said that he most frequently requests that co-creator Taylor Sheridan write scenes for Rip Wheeler in one specific location. And that location is: on a horse, basically in the middle of nowhere.

“You know, it’s interesting, I find myself the only one out there, sitting on a horse. And the image of it in season one, that I saw in the show was really special,” said Hauser. “So, I’ve always asked Taylor, ‘Hey, continue to write these scenes of isolation where this man is riding the fence. And that’s kind of where Rip is at peace. And it could be twenty below zero, I don’t care, just please continue to write them.'”

A couple of seasons have dropped since that interview, and it looks like Taylor Sheridan listened to Cole Hauser. Fans can watch all kinds of scenes of Rip Wheeler isolating himself on the outskirts of the Yellowstone ranch.

His training went well, but as he tells Jenny McCarthy in a 2020 interview – he has had a few close calls. When McCarthy points out there is a lot of action on the show that could lead to injury, Hauser is quick to point to one such incident. Luckily, he came out of the “Yellowstone” horse-riding incident with no harm and a good story to tell.

Actor Cole Hauser Fell Off a Horse Once While Practicing For ‘Yellowstone’

Cole Hauser plays an incredibly convincing cowboy on ‘Yellowstone.’ But he didn’t grow up on a ranch. In fact, the “Yellowstone” actor was born in Santa Barbara, California. So, when it came time to take on the role of Rip Wheeler, Hauser knew he had to put some work in. Most importantly, he knew he needed to get really good at riding horses. Many of the actors attended a kind of “cowboy camp” before filming where they learned the basics of horseback riding and roping. But Hauser took it a step further. He came out to Montana even before the rest of the cast arrived to practice his riding skills. During an interview in 2020, Hauser talked about a time when he fell off a horse.

“I have flown off a horse once,” he said. “But, I landed on my feet. I don’t know how but that’s really it. That was the only time and I was cutting and a cow stopped right in front of the horse and just spun off of it. I think, and knock on wood, there’s be a couple of close calls – I’m not going to lie – but nothing bad. Thank God. I’m too old to fall off of a horse right now.”

Luckily, none of the accidents have deterred the “Yellowstone” star from getting back on the horse and continuing to ride as everyone’s favorite cowboy, Rip Wheeler.