‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Forrie J. Smith Flies American Flag For Montana Horse Auction: ‘I Get So Emotional Carrying It’

by Jon D. B.

“At that moment, he wasn’t an actor on a TV show – he was a proud American,” says John Morford of Yellowstone‘s own Forrie J. Smith.

Morford is the President of World Famous Bucking Horse Sale Board of Governors, He and real-life rancher, rodeo king, and cowboy Forrie J. Smith (whom Yellowstone fans know and love as Lloyd Pierce) have crossed paths before in much the same way. This particular MCBHS rodeo, however, was one neither gentleman will soon forget.

“This photograph by Tamra Pontow says a lot,” begins Morford of the Yellowstone star. “This is Forrie J Smith, a Montana cowboy and the actor who portrays Lloyd on the hit TV series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner.”

“I had the opportunity to visit with him at length on Friday evening during the MCBHS. We talked about the last time he rode at the Bucking Horse Sale in the 80’s and how the sale has evolved over the years,” the organization’s president continues.

“When we talked about him bringing the flag into the arena for Saturday’s grand entry, he was excited about it and had a request,” Morford reveals of Smith.

“Do you think it would be OK if I took a lap with the flag at full speed? I get so emotional carrying it and it is something I just love to do,” the Yellowstone icon asked of Morford.

“I told him that would be great and we were happy to have him return to the World Famous Bucking Horse Sale and be able to do just that.”

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“To me, this picture shows the absolute joy of someone who loves our flag and what it stands for. He did a fantastic job of presenting the colors to the crowd and I know he enjoyed it immensely,” Morford continues via Smith’s Instagram post.

Yet it is the last statement the prestigious rancher makes about Smith that tells all.

“At that moment, he wasn’t an actor on a TV show – he was a proud American with the opportunity to show Old Glory to everyone there,” he concludes of the one and only Forrie J. Smith before signing:

John Morford, President
World Famous Bucking Horse Sale Board of Governors

How’s that for a glorious shot of our favorite Yellowstone ranch hand? Well, that’s a title Lloyd and Rip share in perpetuity equally, so don’t hold it against us, okay?

Well done, Mr. Smith. Well done! And perfectly said, President Morford.