‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Forrie J. Smith Reconnects with Former College Rodeo Teammate in New Reunion Snap

by Jon D. B.

The Montana Rodeo Reride Reunion has been a smash success for Yellowstone star Forrie J. Smith and his ol’ rodeo pals – with the charity to prove it!

“Thanks to Dean & Hope Folkford and the great staff at the Sacajawea Inn at the Montana Rodeo Reride Reunion! It was a big success 185 attended and raised $13700 for the Montana high school Rodeo scholarship fund!” says Yellowstone‘s own Lloyd Pierce, Forrie J. Smith on his official Instagram.

There, the self-professed “True cowboy” (which he is indeed, as true as they come) has been keeping followers up-to-date on his college rodeo reunion. With a “Yee Haw! Thank you everyone!” – he’s celebrating their fantastic charity earnings, too.

Smith’s latest snap shows off old pal “Greg Gentry… College Rodeo team mate, Sherry’s husband!” which you can see below courtesy of the Yellowstone star’s official Instagram.

“You look like such a down to earth person! How lucky people are that personally know you. I like that in a person of your status,” replies Yellowstone fan Celina D. to Forrie’s latest post. We couldn’t agree more, Celina! Smith is as much an Outsider role model as they make ’em.

In a previous post, Smith poses with Greg’s wife, Sherry. “Thanks Sherry Hargrove Gentry for all the great pictures… Her brothers are part of the reason I’m as tough as I am!” he captions.

“Humble and Kind, I like that about you!” responds another fan of Forrie’s loving captions.

“Huge fan of yours! Cant wait to see you on the tv again! Hope your doing well sir give ’em hell,” echoes Yellowstone fan Lantz.

‘Yellowstone’ Icon Forrie J. Smith Poses with Mom

In addition to his old friends, Yellowstone and rodeo icon Forrie J. Smith has also been living up his “Instigators of the Montana Rodeo Reride Reunion” with his mother. The resulting photo is beyond priceless, as Forrie J. Smith‘s mom is the most precious mother you’ll ever see.

Seen here alongside her son and fellow Montanan Dean Folkvord, the Forrie’s mother is everything one could ever want in a cowgirl mom with her embroidered equine attire.

“Instigators of the Montana Rodeo Reride Reunion with Dean Folkford, Mom and I!” Smith captions the photo.

Rodeo has been the Yellowstone star’s life since birth – and the same is true of his mother and father. For a glimpse into Forrie J. Smith‘s Red Mountain Ranch “office” – check out these New Mexico snaps of the real-life cowboy hard at work in June.

“Commuting to work …..my office in Red Mountain Ranch in NM!” Smith posts to his official Instagram at the time. There’s “Nothing like a days work and feeling good,” he says within. A true Outsider sentiment if we’ve ever heard one.