‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Hassie Harrison is a ‘Happy Camper’ in Stunning New Selfie Pic

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone‘s own Laramie, Hassie Harrison, is living her best Outsider life as she stuns in her latest camping selfie.

Leave it to Laramie to leave Yellowstone fans swooning on a random Tuesday. Actress Hassie Harrison is doing just that via her official Instagram, where her latest post shows off one “happy camper.”

Details are sparse, but who cares!? Harrison’s smile lights up a ten-mile radius, and that’s about all we need. She’s clearly doing it right with a super comfy-looking camp setup, as you can see below:

“happy camper”

Hassie Harrison

One question, however, does remain: Is Hassie Harrison a camper… Or a glamper? No judgment implied her – only curiosity! Though we have to say, Yellowstone‘s Laramie would laugh in the face of a glamper. So there is that…

And for those playing the home game, “glamping” is the combination of “camping” and glamour.” Or, more aptly, glamourous camping. It’s been around for ages but has become something of an art form the past decade. While campers don’t mind a sleeping bag on the ground or nothing but a tent between them and going #2 in the woods… Glampers prefer the comforts of a mattress, walls, and definitely toilets.

‘Yellowstone’s Hassie Harrison is an Absolute Treasure

Speaking of toilets, Outsider has a fantastic “toilet story” from Harrison herself you won’t want to miss. It’s far less juvenile and far more hysterical than it sounds.

While Yellowstone fans love Hassie as barrel racer Laramie, most got to know her as part of the Tacoma FD cast prior. The common ground between these two shows? Definitely the sheer amount of testosterone being flung at the screen.

Harrison, though, could care less about this – in the best of ways. In fact, she revels in it. In a Build Series interview with her Tacoma FD co-stars, the Yellowstone breakout details how she gives a “razzing” as good as any she’ll ever get from “the boys.”

“It’s awesome! I feel really lucky that all these guys are so cool,” Harrison offers. “There’s a lot of razzing… I get razzed a lot, but I think they might have hired the right girl who can stand her own ground and just have fun!” she says.

Which should surprise absolutely no one, as the Yellowstone actress is a total badass. Her Tacoma FD co-stars agree, too, saying “She’s from Texas! She’s got a lot of that going for her.”

Which leads directly into that promised toilet story, which you can read and watch in full right here – courtesy of Yellowstone‘s Hassie Harrison.