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‘Yellowstone TV’ Star Hassie Harrison Says She and Forrie J. Smith’s Character Connected on a ‘Soul Level’

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“Yellowstone” star Hassie Harrison dishes on her and Forrie J. Smith’s on-screen relationship, saying they connected on a “soul level.”

One “Yellowstone” couple that I don’t think anyone saw coming was Hassie Harrison’s character Laramie and Forrie J. Smith’s character Lloyd. And although it was a bit strange, we were also kind of here for it.

“Yellowstone” brought us Lloyd and Laramie at the beginning of season three. The two meet when Mia begins to date fellow bunkhouse cowboy Jimmy. Mia starts bringing her buckle buddy bestie along for the ride to different Yellowstone events. She instantly takes a liking to our silver fox, Lloyd, who has to be 30 to 40 years older than the blonde bombshell.

But hey, if…

“She’s old enough to vote and buy bullets. Don’t blame me for her bad judgment.”

But as we said, Laramie isn’t a timid woman and more than capable of making the first move. She starts flirting with Lloyd and shooting him winks from across the room. It doesn’t take long for Lloyd to become infatuated with the barrel racer as well.

In fact, our wise Yellowstone cowboy really comes out of his shell with Laramie. He is sweet to her, dances with her, and hauls her horse and stuff around so she can practice.

“Damn. Two dances, and here I am haulin’ ’em to the arena, saddlin’ their horses, sittin’ in the bleachers watchin’ ’em. Now I’m the damn buckle bunny, says Lloyd during an episode of the show.

Hassie Harrison Explains ‘Yellowstone’ Relationship

Hassie Harrison sat down with Review Nation in August of 2020 to discuss her relationship with Forrie J. Smith on “Yellowstone.” Is Lloyd a father figure to Laramie, or is she into older men?

“I think they connected on a soul level, but you know, there is one where he, like Jefferson’s character, Jimmy goes ‘Did you?’ and he was like, ‘She’s 25. I need another barrel racer more than I need another hemorrhoid’ or something like that.”

I think everyone, even Lloyd, assumed that the relationship wasn’t going to last very long, so you might as well enjoy a beautiful young girl giving you flirty eyes while you can.

However, things slowly start to fade off between the “Yellowstone” couple as Laramie begins to get eyes for someone else. Someone who may not have the best intention and whose loyalty is still very much in question, Walker. The blonde barrel racer confesses to her best friend Mia how attractive she finds Walker and his “tortured” artist demeanor. Will they last until “Yellowstone” season four, or will Laramie move on to the next cowboy on her radar? Will Walker stay on the ranch at all, or will he be leaving… the Earth?