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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Hassie Harrison Stuns in Season 3 Behind-the-Scenes Snap

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Among the many rising stars on Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone” is young and emerging actress Hassie Harrison.

The blonde beauty plays “buckle bunny” Laramie on “Yellowstone” bringing a real kick to an already outstanding cast. With her show currently on an extended hiatus, Harrison took to social media on Tuesday to remind fans of the good times. She also reminded us that a new season is coming up in the near future with a behind-the-scenes photo from the third season.

Harrison is her usual western-loving self in the photo as she gives off the bada** cowgirl pose she is known for. With her thumbs draped across her oversize belt buckle, she peers into the camera with her beautiful eyes. The photo is everything we have to come to expect from Harrison as her “Yellowstone” star continues to rise.

The “Yellowstone” star stays active on social media, often sharing photos of her latest adventures with her fans. Last week she shared a photo of herself in a dress she says is designed by her sister. It is a stunning pic as she stands alone in a field with only nearby cattle sharing the frame.

“My little sis makes the best dresses,” she says in the post’s caption space. She also includes a shoutout to her younger sister, letting “Yellowstone” fans know where they can find similar clothing.

Numerous fans and social media followers were quick to compliment Harrison’s western fashion style.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Embraces ‘Cowboy Culture’

Hassie Harrison’s Laramie was also introduced into season three of “Yellowstone” and she makes her presence known quickly. She is friends with fellow “buckle bunny,” Mia, and the two bring a little drama to the bunkhouse crew. A “buckle bunny” is a young lady that hangs around rodeo competitions with the intention of nabbing the cowboy of their dreams.

Laramie is also a fine barrel racer as Harrison looks totally natural atop a speeding horse. That is because she spent much of her youth in Texas around the cowboy culture. In a recent interview, Harrison says she is used to spending long hours riding horses.

“I grew up in Texas and I grew up around this cowboy culture,” she says in the interview. “I’ve been riding horses eight hours a day and roping, you know, and leaning into the life. I think being up here in Montana vs. shooting somewhere like Utah and sound stages somewhere else – just helps you live the part. It just feels authentic inside of you.”

Fans definitely want to see more of Laramie in the upcoming new season. More specifically, many fans say they want to see what comes of the relationship between her and Lloyd. After spending much of season three with “Yellowstone” ranch hand Lloyd, the last we see of Laramie is her in bed with Walker.

It is a storyline that fans want to see develop as season four draws close.