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‘Yellowstone TV’ Star Ian Bohen Took a Rorschach Test and His Answers Are So Cowboy

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Get to know the man behind Yellowstone‘s ranch hand Ryan a whole lot better with this Rorschach test, courtesy of Paramount Network. Spoiler alert: he’s very much a cowboy.

The infamous Rorschach test reveals who we are, right? Ian Bohen wants to know.

Who is that?” he jokes of himself in anticipation of the test. Through the process of taking the test, the Yellowstone actor gives what would surely be fascinating answers under an actual clinical setting. Here, however, they simply go to show how much of a cowboy Ian Bohen is at heart.

Upon seeing the first “inkblot,” Bohen remarks “This is the profile of a girl that works at La Descarga on Wednesday nights… They do a Cuban thing! She’s got frills on her dress… It’s burlesque!”

Up next? “This is a butterfly porkchop that you can get at Pavilions or your local market,” he says matter-of-factly.

As it turns out, Bohen sees women in a lot of things. “These are two women screaming at each other… Both about to slap one another in the face at the same time!” he remarks of the most unique of the blots.

Just like a cowboy, he sees many animals, too. “These are two baby, black bear cubs… Making out?” the Yellowstone star says as he cocks his head.

Others he’s far more certain of. “This is a bat… That is a fox!” he quips.

Ian Bohen Receives the Most ‘Yellowstone’ of Ink Blots

A hilarious break from the norm comes towards the end, though, when Bohen declares a particular ink blot is “super easy.”

“This is the one that wears the pants on the ranch… This is Beth Dutton,” he replies as he holds a print that clearly shows the face of Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler.

The last one, however, is one Bohen says he absolutely knows. “This is the most important part of what we do,” the Yellowstone star smiles of the ranch’s infamous Rocking Y symbol in inkblot form.

None of this comes as a surprise to Ian Bohen fans, though. The man was, after all, “born to play” ranch hand Ryan on Yellowstone by his own words.

The same year he took this Rorschach test (2019), he also took part in Paramount’s Take Action initiative for the real-life Yellowstone National Park.

“As a kid, I discovered my love for this giant, wild punchbowl where the sky just goes on forever. But today, something is amiss,” the actor says on behalf of the park. “Yellowstone [National Park] has seen changes that have hunters and ranchers, scientists and park visitors alike, concerned. Not just for the future of the park, but for the planet itself.”

Yellowstone‘s Ryan is a part he was born to play not just for television, but for the world. And it all started with his childhood explorations of Yellowstone National Park.

As for those fantastic Rorschach answers, give the full featurette a spin below, courtesy of Paramount’s 22 Stars: