‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Josh Holloway Posted the Most Adorable Pic of His Kids for Father’s Day

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” actor and family man extraordinaire Josh Holloway celebrated Father’s Day with his family over the weekend.

A veteran actor with a lengthy resume, Josh Holloway plays Roarke Morris on “Yellowstone” to perfection. Holloway’s Morris was introduced in season three of the hit Paramount Network series. Since his introduction, he has risen to become a primary antagonist in the “Yellowstone” storyline. He plays the classy bad guy with charm and a hint of ruthlessness. Perhaps Beth Dutton summed up Roarke Morris the best, proclaiming him to be a cross between two entertainment icons.

“It’s like Fabio and Lucille Ball had a baby,” Beth says shortly after meeting Roarke for the very first time. Well said, Beth Dutton…well said indeed.

Away from the “Yellowstone” set Holloway enjoys spending time with his family. Like other members of the “Yellowstone” cast, he is active on social media and often shares photos of his recent activities with fans. On Sunday, he took to social media to proclaim he has the best job in the world. No, it isn’t playing Roarke Morris, but it is playing “wrangler” to his two children.

“Wranglin’ these angels,” he says in the post’s caption space. “Best job ever. Happy Father’s Day.”

Holloway’s Father’s Day post took in a lot of attention and several fans used the comments section to wish the “Yellowstone” star a happy day.

Holloway is married to Yessica Kumala and the couple has two children named Hunter Lee and Java Kumala Holloway.

The “Yellowstone” actor has had a solid career in Hollywood, mainly as a supporting actor. His most notable works are “Lost,” “Colony” and, of course, “Yellowstone.”

There is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding just when the fourth season of “Yellowstone” will premiere. Many had Father’s Day as a potential starting date but the weekend came and went with no “Yellowstone” in sight.

One thing is certain and that is “Yellowstone” fans can’t wait to see what the new season brings for Josh Holloway’s character.

Teaming with CEO Willa Hayes, Roarke Morris is the driving force behind Market Equities. The firm desperately wants to obtain the Yellowstone Ranch property in order to construct an airport. Market Equities has shown a great deal of ruthlessness since their introduction last season. It seems Hayes and Morris are going to pull out all the stops in their attempt to take over the property.

But, John Dutton, owner of Yellowstone Ranch, isn’t budging an inch. Even after Market Equities offers $500 million, well over the actual value of the property, Dutton says he’s not moving. Now in direct conflict with each other, it is likely we have not seen the last of the battle between John Dutton and the Market Equities team.