Yellowstone’ TV Star Kelsey Asbille Joked About Her Onscreen Son Brecken Merrill ‘Growing Up Too Fast’

by Amy Myers

Like many popular TV series, the stars of Yellowstone feel that their group is less of a cast and more like a family. This is especially true for actors Kelsey Asbille, Luke Grimes and Brecken Merrill.

On the show, Asbille portrays Monica Dutton, a Native American woman that married Luke Grimes’ character, ranch hand Kayce Dutton. She is a lifelong resident of the Broken Rock Reservation in Montana and a history professor at Montana State University. Together, Monica and Kayce have a young son, Tate, played by Merill.

On the show, Merrill portrays a cute cowboy-in-training who’s not to be underestimated. After his run-in with a rattlesnake in Season 1, fans knew this young Dutton could hold his own. For fans, it might seem like Tate is quickly shedding his innocence, and his co-star Asbille agrees.

In an interview with ScreenRant after Yellowstone‘s first season, Asbille expressed the bittersweetness of watching Merill grow up on set. She complimented the young star’s already impressive acting abilities.

“Brecken is so talented and does a really great job,” Asbille gushed. “And we’ve been able to see him kind of grow up over the years, too.”

The star’s on-screen mom then began to realize just how quickly he would be a teenager.

“He’ll be driving and going on dates soon,” she joked. “Not really, he’s ten.”

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Reveal Their Hope For Their Characters’ Relationship

As Yellowstone fans already know, Monica and Kayce’s relationship is anything but simple. As a rancher and a reservation Native American, they constantly battle the ramifications of their opposing relationship. Like a Western version of Romeo and Juliet, their loved ones are almost always at odds.

Take for example in Season 1 when Kayce had to shoot Monica’s brother, Robert Long (Jeremiah Bitsui). In an effort to save his own brother from being killed, Kayce ended up killing Robert. Unfortunately, his brother, Lee (Dave Annable) doesn’t survive, either. The tragedy occurred after Kayce willingly defended the Broken Rock tribe in a dispute over cattle.

The constant pressure from outside their relationship quickly affected the couple, causing Monica and Tate to return to the reservation without Kayce. However, at the time when fans wondered whether their relationship would survive, the Yellowstone stars couldn’t offer the most comforting words.

“We personally hope that they end up together,” Grimes explained as Asbille nodded in agreement. “But you never know.”

He continued, “Kayce is trying very much to try to, you know, scramble and fix what he can about himself to get [Monica] back.”

Though the couple has seen their fair share of obstacles, they’ve continued to find their way back to each other. We’re crossing our fingers that they continue to do so in Season 4.