‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kevin Costner Posts New Ominous Dutton Ranch Pic, Says He ‘Can’t Wait’ for Season 4

by Matthew Wilson

“Yellowstone” Season 4 is coming sooner rather than later. And as much as fans may be excited, they may not be ready for what’s in store.

Series lead Kevin Costner teases the upcoming season with an ominous photo of what’s to come. The actor shared a photo of his character John Dutton looking mournful and sad. He is standing with his cowboy hat tilted down in an expression of either reflection or grief.

While the photo may be ominous, Costner’s post is one of excitement. He already misses filming at the Yellowstone Ranch. And he can’t wait for audiences to see what they cooked up next for the Duttons and their gang.

“Missing Yellowstone Ranch today. Can’t wait for you guys to see season 4!” he wrote.

Given the way Season 3 ended, audiences shouldn’t expect a light and breezy season to come. Someone has it out for the Duttons. And currently, several characters’ fates are up in the air after that nail-biting, tense cliffhanger. It appears that Costner’s John Dutton may just survive his brush with unidentified assassins. The upcoming season promises a reckoning as the Duttons and their friends deal with the fallout.

Kevin Costner on John Dutton

Kevin Costner’s John Dutton has been one of his most well-received characters in his long and prolific career. In an interview from last year, Costner revealed that he based the character in part on his own late father. In fact, he even uses his dad’s .30-30 gun on “Yellowstone” as Dutton. It’s a piece of character history that makes Dutton feel like a real breathing person.

Costner’s father William grew up in the Great Depression and Dust Bowl that tested his resolve as a man.

“Yeah. My dad was a fistfighting, single-minded tough guy coming out of the Dust Bowl in the Great Depression,” Costner told TV Insider. “He wanted a job and never let it be taken away from him. The [Winchester] .30-30 gun I use in the show was his. When I put it up to my cheek, my dad’s right there. I know what it’s like to be a person that’s kind of a John Dutton—minus the murder.”

Murder is probably on John Dutton’s mind after that Season 3 Finale. Fans will have to find out what characters survived their brush with death. Fans will also discover what Costner’s character might do in response when Season 4 picks up later this year.