‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Reacts To News of 4th of July Weekend Marathon

by Jon D. B.

“Let’s go 🤠,” tweets the one and only Kevin Costner to Yellowstone‘s explosive promo for their 4th of July Weekend marathon. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Ready to bring the heat this 4th of July weekend? Whether you’ll be out celebrating America’s independence or enjoying a long weekend at home, one thing’s for certain: Yellowstone will be throwing another all-seasons marathon!

“Bring the heat this 4th of July weekend with an explosive three-season binge!” says Yellowstone via their official Twitter Tuesday. Within their announcement, the show also gives crucial details:

“The #YellowstoneTV marathon starts Saturday at 12pm ET, only on @paramountnetwork,” the show cites. So don’t miss it!

By the looks of it, Yellowstone’s own Kevin Costner won’t be. The John Dutton actor just shared his own excitement for the marathon, tweeting “Let’s go” as well as commenting on the show’s Instagram announcement.

The “4th of July Yellowstone Every Episode Celebration” starts this Saturday at 12pm Eastern, 11am Central!

Boycott ‘Yellowstone’ For Season 4 Release Date? Blasphemy!

The man behind John Dutton surely isn’t alone in his excitement. But fan reactions, however, make it seem that way. Followers are lighting up both Instagram and this Twitter post with pleas for a Season 4 release date, with one fan even saying:

“I think I’m boycotting until they give us a definite date for Season 4 opener. That’s not too much to ask, @Yellowstone @paramountnet…”

Another fan replies with the most Yellowstone demand for Season 4 we’ve ever heard: “BRING The Damn Release Date and A S4 Trailer or you’re going to The Damn Train Station…”

“I admit it, I will watch marathon again, but really need date for 4,” another fan echoes. At least here we have some excitement for the all-episodes-blowout!

One fan on Twitter has done some sleuthing, however, and says the show won’t be ready for it’s proposed Season 4 release.

“Rumors say it’s not coming back until October,” the fan posts in reply. Within their tweet, they showcase a screencap from the annals of the internet, which holds a fan asking “WHEN IS YELLOWSTONE COMING BACK?” in all caps.

“You guys ask this every day! Does anyone know?” the source responds. But then, another “source of a source” pops in to say:

“Anon please!! Have a friend who works at the network and apparently was meant to be June but got pushed back to at least October!”

Well, if true, that is… Some terrible but completely not world-ending news! Has the COVID-19 Pandemic pushed Yellowstone Season 4 that far back? This would explain why we haven’t gotten even a teaser yet. Only time will tell…