‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Reflects on Anniversary of Band’s ‘Tales From Yellowstone’ Album: ‘Get Into the Mind of John Dutton’

by Samantha Whidden

On Wednesday (June 30th), Yellowstone star Kevin Costner took to his Instagram account to reflect on the anniversary of the Kevin Costner & Modern West’s ‘Tales From Yellowstone’ album: ‘Get Into the Mind of John Dutton.’

“Can’t believe #TalesFromYellowstone has been out an entire year,” Kevin Costner states on Instagram. “This project was really special to me and the band—a chance to get into the mind of John Dutton, my character on @yellowstone, and express his emotions musically.”

Costner then notes, “We are incredibly excited for a chance to play this album live for you guys. Stay tuned for news on tour dates coming soon!”

Kevin Costner Reveals Why He Took the ‘Yellowstone’ Role

In a 2020 interview with Deadline, Kevin Costner discussed what drew him to his role on Yellowstone and why he decided to stay with the show. “I had a decision to make because it wasn’t how it was pitched to me, and I thought, well, I could bail on this,” he recalls. “I had a real moment and everybody out there has them too, where you go ‘Oh’  – you thought you were doing one thing and now I might be staring at something else.”

“I had my own personal reasons why I decided to do it,” Kevin Costner explains. “And that doesn’t have to be shared on a mass level, but I did, and I have tried really hard. There’s no difference between a movie and this for me.”

While also sharing more details about his character, John Dutton, Kevin Costner proclaims, “He’s a mixed bag. He’s a fifth-generation rancher who is not able to arbitrate the problems the way his grandfather and great-grandfather did. He’s living in modern times, but that doesn’t stop [director] Taylor [Sheridan]. You know, I’m still waging war out there and always the issue is over the land. Be it the politicians, be it the environmentalists, or be it the Native American issues that also try to balance out this show. I don’t go looking for a fight. But he doesn’t back away from any, so it’s high melodrama, we know what it is.”

Kevin’s Future Career Plans

In regards to his future plans, Kevin Costner says, “I think I’d like to play the second half of my career out directing more. So I think that’s what I’ll do. You know, I have three or four things that I know I’m going to do in the future. So they’re kind of big, high adventure movies when guys were still solving things with their fists.”

Yellowstone fans are currently waiting on Paramount to reveal when the show’s new season will premiere. As previously reported, rumors have continued to circulate on Reddit. And the gossip is that the new season will come out in November. The fan cites a social media account as the source of the disheartening rumor. Kevin Costner stars on the show with Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, and Cole Hauser.