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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner is Reportedly Making a Series on Larry King’s Life

by Thad Mitchell
(Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

With many irons in many fires, you may think Yellowstone star Kevin Costner isn’t looking to take on other projects at this time. This assumption would be wrong.

One of the busiest men in Hollywood, Kevin Costner is currently taking a small break with filming for Yellowstone season four done. But don’t expect Costner to take that long of a break as it appears he could have another project in the works. It’s music to the ears of Costner fans as we just can’t get enough of the John Dutton actor.

The Yellowstone leading man recently got the green light from ABC to move forward with his latest project “National Parks.” Now it seems he could be at the helm of a series focusing on the life of legendary television personality Larry King. The Emmy Award-winning television host passed away earlier this year after battling the COVID-19 virus. Before his passing, King reveals that Costner was working on a series that would tell the story of his life. The entire September 2020 interview with Dr. Robi Ludwig can be found here:

Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Sets Sights on Larry King Series

In the interview, King reveals that it was film director Oliver Stone who introduced the idea. It will now be Kevin Costner heading up the project that expects to be a six-part series on King’s life.

“Oliver Stone wanted to make this movie,” Kind says in the interview. “(But) Kevin Costner is working on a contract to do a six-part story of my life, with someone playing me as a youngster. Kevin Costner has a big company and they made the deal just before this pandemic.”

With his robust sense of humor on full display, King tells Ludwig which actor would best be able to tell his story. He also jokingly notes he is often mistaken for one of Hollywood’s top leading men. Perhaps a certainty Yellowstone actor could play King.

“Who would play me?” he asks aloud. “I guess Ben Affleck. He’s very good-looking but he’s a really good actor. I mostly look like Brad Pitt — I’m mistaken for Brad Pitt all the time.”

The are a lot of known details about the Larry King series other then it will center around his fascinating life.

As for Kevin Costner, well the more the better. Yellowstone fans are chomping at the bits waiting for their favorite show to return. While we don’t know an official date as of yet, the show expects to premiere its fourth in mid-to-late June, and possibly on Father’s Day (June 20).