‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kevin Costner Revealed His Favorite Road Trip Car, Drove it to Four Corners of U.S.

by Jon D. B.

“What was Kevin Costner’s favorite road trip vehicle?” asks the Yellowstone star‘s co-founded travel app, HearHere. We’ve got the answer below!

“It was 1973. I had graduated high school,” the Hollywood icon sets the stage. “The Vietnam war ended. I had a low draft number… But it all stopped,” Costner continues in his latest sit-down with HearHere. Within, the celebrated actor, director, writer, and musician details his fondest road trip memories. Specifically, Costner dishes on the very vehicle that literally transported him across the entirety of the United States of America.

So what was Kevin Costner‘s favorite road trip vehicle?

“I had a little Datsun pickup that I fixed up,” he reveals. “Put two little beds in the back and had a camper shell on it. That thing had driven me through high school,” he smiles.

Armed with his trusty Datsun truck, the Yellowstone star would then travel to the four corners of the U.S. Quite the feat for anyone who’s ever had an old “trusty” pickup. Costner must be quite the mechanic, too!

“It took me around the country!” he grins of the memories. “Took me to Washington, to Maine, to the Florida Keys, then through the Southwest and came home.”

“I have a fondness for that trip… That truck… That journey,” he lauds in conclusion.

‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Still Travels the US By Car

Such an all-encompassing road trip is part of the American dream for many. And as a massive history buff for our home country, it’s no surprise that Kevin Costner made it happen at such a young age.

Watch the full interview for yourself below, before more from Costner on his U.S. travel habits:

A large part of what drives Costner to seek out American history on the road is the Civil War. In a congruent interview for HearHere Friday, the icon says he “doesn’t know if the country has ever recovered from” the historic, bloody battles.

Noting, too, that the Civil War “haunts” him constantly, the Yellowstone star says “I’ll go to Bull Run and Antietam. I’ll go to Chattanooga,” he says – and he does it all by car.

“I have to. I have to know that – men who didn’t even know each other – were never going to return home to their homes! And the war still haunts me to this day,” Costner continues.

Moreover, the Hollywood legend mentions “the black and white photos” of the Civil war are of particular interest. Costner will drive from one historic battle site to the other in order to hunt these photos down and view them in person.

For more on his thoughts on the Civil War and chasing American history through travel, we’ve got you covered there, too.