‘Yellowstone’ TV: Star Mo Brings Plenty Shows the Cowboy Lifestyle Runs in the Family in New Photos of Nephew

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone legend Mo Brings Plenty is keeping his horsemaster skills in the family as he helps train his “young nephew” in the equestrian ways.

“My young nephew is becoming quite the horseman,” Brings Plenty shares Wednesday to Instagram. Within, he shares a couple of fantastic photos of himself and his nephew in the saddle roping calves.

“I try to encourage him along in the different areas,” Brings Plenty continues. There have to be few better teachers on the planet than the beloved actor and activist.

“This was last winter,” the Yellowstone star clarifies of his shots. “He often comes with me to observe and learn before he practices and repeats all three,” he says of his nephew.”

In the end, “It’s important to me that he understands there is a discipline that comes with all this,” Mo says.

As a man who comes from a long lineage of horsemen and owns cattle, no truer statement could be said. It’s some of the most alluring, rewarding work in this life. But it’s also exactly that: work. Work, work, then more work. If your heart is in it, though, there’s nothing better. And the Brings Plenty family absolutely has their hearts in it. See for yourself below courtesy of the Yellowstone star’s Instagram:

Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly herself replies on Instagram with “Love love love!”

Yellowstone fan Erin Browne offers “Many continued blessings on his path,” as well.

Follower Amy R. echoes Mo’s sentiments with “Riding takes practice & discipline & repeat. Best wishes!”

One Jackie H. seems to know the Brings Plenty family better than most, however. In turn, she asks: “Which nephew? Because I always thought Joe’s boy Kole was your mini!?!?”

No matter which, it’s safe to say said nephew is in excellent hands.

‘Yellowstone’ Icon Mo Brings Plenty is a True Horsemaster

In another excellent post from this summer, Yellowstone‘s own Mo Brings Plenty hit fans with a photo as he was “Hang’n out with my boy Zorro!” 

The photo, which you can see here, is fantastic. But it is also for reference, asZorro is, as Mo says, “a BIG boy!”

“When someone wants a picture, I have to tell them to hold up while I find something to stand on,” Brings Plenty captions the shot.

“If I don’t stand on something, they get a picture of Zorrow’s head and only the top my face and/or hat,” the Yellowstone actor and real-life rancher clarifies. “And, if they get my entire head they only get the lower half of his face and/or chin.”

Indeed, Zorro is an absolute beauty of a beast. We’re not sure of his breed, but regardless – Zorro is as gorgeous and enormous as they make ’em.

For plenty more from Mo Brings Plenty ahead of this fall’s Yellowstone Season 4, stick with your fellow Outsiders.