‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Mo Brings Plenty Drops Amazing New Bison Photos

by Thad Mitchell

A new season of hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone is just around the corner as excitement builds among the show’s enormous fan base.

With Yellowstone currently on hiatus and filming for the fourth season complete, the show’s stars are enjoying some downtime. In order to keep fans of Yellowstone engaged, the show’s social media pages often share posts looking back at memorable moments. The same is true of the show’s stars as several of them are using social media to interact with the Yellowstone faithful. Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) and Brecken Merrill (Tate Dutton) are among the show’s actors to share an inside look at their offseason activities.

Today (Wednesday) it was Moses Brings Plenty’s turn to showcase what he has been up to during the Yellowstone offseason. Brings Plenty, an Oglala Lakota actor, plays “Mo” on Yellowstone. Mo acts as an advisor, enforcer, and driver for Native American tribe leader Chief Rainwater. Some compare his role on the reservation to the role Rip Wheeler plays on Yellowstone ranch.

Brings Plenty took to social media to show off his latest offseason activity of animal watching. He has some interesting and very large creatures roaming around near his home.

“Two kittens and a muddy horse hanging around out back,” he says in the post’s caption. He concludes the caption with a winking smiley face emoji.

The Yellowstone actor includes three photos in his Wednesday morning Instagram post. The photos show a huge buffalo and a couple of horses roaming about the land. Brings Plenty seems to delight in watching the animals as they enjoy some grazing time.

Yellowstone Fans Want to See More of Mo

Despite playing only a small role on Yellowstone, Brings Plenty’s character has a big fan base. Those fans, along with every other Yellowstone fan, are wondering what season four will have in store for Mo.

More than just a chauffeur to Rainwater, Mo is not one to mess with in the same mold as Rip. Many Yellowstone fans say they would like for Rip and Mo to team up in the new season to seek revenge on the Dutton Family’s attackers. Mo and Rip would form a formidable duo that would tough for any Yellowstone villain to tangle with. You wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of someone taking on that dream team.

The fourth season of Yellowstone expects to premiere this summer though an official date is not yet known.