‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Mo Brings Plenty Gets Warm Welcome at Kansas Rodeo, Enters Arena to Show’s Theme Music

by Courtney Blackann

If you’re a fan of “Yellowstone” then you know it’s somewhat of a club. From the symbolic “Y” appearing on shirts, hats and other garb, it’s become a secret language between its fans. So imagine showing up to a rodeo in Kansas and getting a small, but sweet glimpse into the Yellowstone cast.

Mo Brings Plenty who plays Thomas Rainwater’s (Gil Birmingham) trusted sidekick on the show, made a surprise guest appearance at the Kansas Rodeo recently. And the star shared a sweet Instagram post to commemorate the experience.

Entering to the show’s opening theme, the Yellowstone actor received quite the welcome in the ring. Taking off his hat and waving at the crowd, Mo is seen smiling and walking to the center of the rodeo before retreating off to the side.

“I was asked to be a special guest at the Linn County PRCA Rodeo in Mound City, Kansas this weekend.

Standing in the shoots, I was able to catch some real good rides — this guy nailed it.

“Right now, I’m getting Zorrow ready as he is coming with me tonight. If you’re in the area, come check it out, it’s at the Linn County Fair Grounds,” the actor said in the post.

Mo Brings Plenty More Than Just “Yellowstone” Actor

As a Native American actor, Mo is also an activist as well as an impressionable voice for his heritage. The actor recently posted a tribute about his ancestry in a moving message.

“One hundred and forty-five years ago our ancestors gave their lives to defend their and our ways of life. Brings Plenty was there with his four younger brothers: White Coyote, Medicine Cloud, Plenty Holes, and the youngest, Low Dog,” the “Yellowstone” actor shared.

He wrote this message via social media this past June, on the anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

The actor paralleled his heritage with the struggles Native Americans face today in hopes of bridging a gap.

“The underlying emotion of anger is hurt and pain. As Indian people, we have had more than our fair share of loss and pain but have to stop taking our anger out on each other. We have to eliminate the ways we hurt each other. We have to stop the hate and jealously we harbor toward our own,” Brings Plenty said.

The actor continued to urge people to forgive each other and show each other love and respect, as a tribute to the anniversary of the day.