‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Mo Brings Plenty Gets to Work ‘Fixing and Protecting’ in New Pic

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone‘s own Mo Brings Plenty is hard at work on his ranch as he both fixes and protects… But what, exactly, is he protecting?

“Fixing and Protecting: Fixing one of our round bale feeders and protecting…” the actor posts to his official Instagram Tuesday. Within, we see Brings Plenty armored with a welding mask as he re-seals a joint on a round hay bale feeder. Behind him, we get a glimpse of his large homestead, which is a rancher’s dream.

“Take a guess at what I’m protecting. 🤠,” he asks followers with a cowboy smiley. Our first guess for this fellow Outsider and all-around phenomenal gent is cows or horses… But which is it?

“Horses,” the Yellowstone icon coyly includes at the tail-end of his post. Horses it is!

Mo isn’t alone in his struggles, either. As any fellow cowboy or rancher will note, livestock make for an incredible lifestyle for those who love it – but they come with no shortage of work or troubles, either.

“If your horses are like mine…you’re protecting them from themselves. 😂,” replies fan Casey to the Yellowstone icon’s Instagram.

“Isn’t that the truth,” echoes Lisa. Yes. Yes it is. Our domesticated horses are a persnickety lot, aren’t they? But oh, aren’t they worth it!

Follower Cece, however, has a different guess that the Yellowstone star would surely appreciate: “Protecting your eyes and that beautiful hair,” she says. Well played, Cece – Well played! 

‘Yellowstone’ Icon Mo Brings Plenty Not Only Raises Livestock, but Tends to Wildlife, too

When he’s not starring on Yellowstone as the phenomenal character that shares his name, Mo Brings Plenty is hard at work on his ranch or spending time with his lovely family. It’s no secret the man is a true animal lover, either.

In fact, Brings Plenty is a wildlife rescuer who rehabilitates for re-release. It’s phenomenal work that this wildlife tech and author cannot say enough wonderful things about.

Both the Yellowstone star and his wife, Sara Ann rescue together, and will sometimes keep animals that cannot be re-released into the wild to “live the rest of their days” on the ranch with them. He spoke to exactly this recently on Instagram, too.

“When I am not working and am at home, Sara Ann and I spend a considerable amount of time being asked or called out to rescue injured wild animals so they can be rehabilitated and released back into the wild,” he posted at the end of June. “Often, when they can’t, especially with the ducks and geese, they come home with us where they live the rest of their days. The Brings Plenty family is always growing. We love our four-legged and furry family members — the more the merrier!”

Keep up the phenomenal work, Mo! And we can’t wait to see more of his iconic presence in Yellowstone Season 4 this fall.