‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Ryan Bingham Hunts Axis Deer in Hawaii

by Jon D. B.

Ryan Bingham is many things: Oscar-winning country singer, Yellowstone‘s slippery cowboy Walker, and an Outsider to his core.

He’s no stranger to America’s Western way of life, either. Bingham is a former professional bull rider and saw much of the West as a self-professed “vagabond” through his coming-of-age. These days, audiences know him best as one of Yellowstone‘s best-received breakout roles: Walker.

But that’s not why we’re here. Through iconic pro-hunter, guide, and television host Remi Warren, we now know Bingham is also an avid hunter. The pair are currently living their best life as they hunt axis deer in Hawaii, and Warren has the photos to prove it.

Summer isn’t prime for hunting in the contiguous U.S., but in Hawaii, axis deer are available for harvest year-round. From the looks of it, Warren and the Yellowstone star are making the best of this, too.

“Hunting thicker cover has its advantages and disadvantages,” begins Remi Warren on his official Instagram Monday. “On one hand if you can catch their antlers or ear tips above the brush line, it is often easier to get close with a good wind,” he cites in his caption for a stellar shot of himself and Bingham stalking their prey.

“On the flip side, there are many animals you won’t spot… and when you do get close, getting a clear shot is tough! For me I simultaneously love and hate thick country. What do you prefer… Cover or open?” Warren asks followers.

A hard call, for sure, as both have their advantages and disadvantages as the pro hunter states.

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Warren also has fans following along with his “hunt recap” through Instastories. This is where the action is, as he details Ryan Bingham’s shots-taken so far. Unfortunately, both men have lost out on impressive bucks – but the hunt is far from over!

As for axis deer, the species is an introduced species. The axis – or spotted/chital deer – is native to the other side of the planet via the Indian sub-continent. They make for marvelous harvests, too, as bucks can surpass 150-pounds. Shed and trophy hunters also stalk the species for their unique 3+-foot racks.

Introducing species to non-native habitats is rarely the way to go with conservation. Such is the case on the Hawaiian islands, where the large axis deer has no natural predators. This creates a sort of cause & effect relation for humanity, where year-round hunting is now the best way to cull their numbers and prevent further significant damage to both natural ecosystems and agricultural operations.

Long story short: if you want a damn good, conservation-minded summer hunt, make like Yellowstone‘s Ryan Bingham and head for Hawaii!