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‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Spoke Out on Why Jamie Will Never Get the Love Kayce Gets from John Dutton

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

In this tell-all, midseason Yellowstone interview, Jamie Dutton’s Wes Bentley gets candid on the damaging Dutton family dynamics.

Oh, Jamie. What a tangled web you weave. In our previous coverage for Daily Caller‘s sit-down with Yellowstone actor Wes Bentley, we touch on how he doesn’t think Jamie “can ever let go of this feeling of loyalty to his family,” despite his penchant for “self service.”

This is, in essence, the heart of his character’s journey on Outsider’s favorite show. And through it all, John Dutton’s other surviving son, Kayce, serves as the perfect foil. On one hand is Jamie’s winding, serpentine path between self service and family loyalty. On the other? Kayce’s clear role as the “prodigal son,” heir to the throne, and all around “savior” of the Dutton empire.

Spinning off this, Daily Caller asked Bentley if he feels there’s any way his Jamie could ever earn the love and respect of his father, Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, in the same way that Kayce (Luke Grimes) has.

“That’s a good question!” Bentley lights up. ” Just as an observer of John, he seems like the kind of person who makes a judgement about somebody and that’s it,” he offers straight-up. Definitely a fair observation, to say the least.

“They are then whoever he thinks they are, and they always will be,” he continues of his Yellowstone patriarch.

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Realizing he’s answering in a rather roundabout way, Bentley finally cuts right to the chase.

“So I think, in a way… No. It’s never going to be on the level of Kayce [for Jamie],” he says of John’s playing-of-favorites. “Or even the love that he gives his older brother back when he was alive, or Beth.”

“I think from 40 years of it, he’s aware that that’s not going to change. But Jamie is always having this fight, thinking ‘If I can just have a moment where I can show how powerful I can be with the tools and skills I have, then they’ll know. Then they’ll see. Then they’ll have no choice but to love me, and see me as their equal,'” he offers of his embodiment of Jamie.

“That’s always sitting there [for Jamie]. But the real answer is… Probably not,” he laughs.

Yet no matter how tragic that may be, it leads to audiences empathizing with Bentley’s adopted son that much more. Despite his cutthroat nature (which he certainly learned from his father), Jamie is a true Yellowstone underdog. And there’s nothing more compelling in any Western, modern or classic, than an underdog.

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