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‘Yellowstone’ TV Stars Reveal ‘What Everyone Looks Forward to’ on the Set

by Hunter Miller
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Yellowstone Photo Gallery / Viacom

According to “Yellowstone” stars, there is one pleasantry that the actors and crew members look forward to while on set of the Paramount Network series: the food.

On the latest edition of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” actors Jefferson White (Jimmy), Denim Richards (Colby), and Ian Bohen (Ryan) talk about how the show’s full-time chef, “Gator,” plays such a crucial role on the set.

“Anybody on the crew, anybody in the cast, can’t talk about this show for five minutes without mentioning Gator,” White says.

Bohen then goes on to offer some background on “Gator,” and his on set “restaurant.”

“Gator is originally from near Santa Barbara. He’s a California boy by way of Louisiana, Baton Rouge. He learned to cook. And he now essentially is a restaurant open from crew call to wrap,” Bohen says.

Most importantly, the “Yellowstone” stars get to enjoy the meals free of charge.

“And we get to eat it for free,” Richards adds.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Will Recognize ‘Gator’

Many fans of the series will likely recognize Gator as he made several appearances in the show throughout its first 3 seasons.

In one of the more memorable scenes from the series, Gator makes Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton a smoothie. The specialty drink consisted of “three scoops of ice cream, three shots of vodka.” The scene takes place the day after Beth suffers a horrific beating.

According to Richards, Gator’s cooking is what the cast and crew alike all “look forward to” during the show’s production.

“But Gator is so great because I think he’s somebody that…that’s what everyone looks forward to. Especially in the middle of the day, we’re in the middle of a scene and you see the smoke coming up and you’re like, ‘Gator is cooking something up,'” Richards says.

Much like John Dutton’s dedication to maintaining the Yellowstone ranch, “Gator” is dedicated to making sure that the cast and crew all have a hot meal even during the most grueling of shoots.

“No matter where we are, we’ll be in the middle of nowhere, no cell service. Like freezing f—ing cold 3 in the morning. And Gator will pull up,” White says.

In conclusion, White says, “It gets you through those long nights.”

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