‘Yellowstone’ TV Stunt Coordinator Dishes on Taking Jefferson White to ‘Cowboy Camp’

by Jacklyn Krol
Photo courtesy of Paramount Network

Prior to filming “Yellowstone,” Jefferson White had no experience with horses.

What ‘Yellowstone’ Stunt Coordinator Had to Say

“Yellowstone” Stunt Coordinator Jason Rodriguez spoke about White, who portrays Jimmy on the show, learning to work with horses. “Jefferson the first season, we picked him up to take him to cowboy camp,” he laughed. “And I asked him, ‘So ugh, how often have you rode a horse? Or have you ever been on a horse? He cheerfully said, ‘No, this is my first day,'” he recalled.

“I would say in the first two seasons, Jimmy was the comedy relief in the action stuff that happens to him,” he said with a smile. In Season 3, Jimmy’s ambition to become a rodeo star comes to fruition. “It was really cool because we set it up like a real rodeo,” he said. “We had an authenticity that is really good.”

“He’s always worked really hard and progressed with his riding,” he added. “He’s [White] always fun to work with.” He added that he is always ready to tackle anything that is thrown at him. For the stunts that are too dangerous, he turns to White’s stunt double, Bobby Roberts.

“I always enjoy the stuff with the horses,” he said of his favorite part about his job.”If it’s as simple as team roping scene at the ranch or branding scenes, any of those are just fun for me because that’s my bread and butter and my background.”

The Stuntwork

Prior to landing his job on “Yellowstone,” he worked at rodeos and with horses. He shared that there was a lack of stunt people able to work with horses. “I started to do stunts and fell in love with it and made a career out of it,” he said. He became the official stunt coordinator for the show during Season 2.

Rodriguez works closely with show creator Taylor Sheridan. He admitted that once he reads the script for the first time, he is overwhelmed. He shared that he is glad that Sheridan writes such descriptive treatments and scenes because it’s easier to bring his vision to life.

Aside from the horses and rodeos, his other favorite part of the job is choreographing the fight scenes. Luckily for him, “Yellowstone” has plenty of those!