‘Yellowstone’ TV: Stunt Coordinator Jason Rodriguez Discusses Jen Landon’s Involvement in Action Scenes

by Halle Ames

Jen Landon, the actor that stars as Teeter on ‘Yellowstone,’ is someone that even grown men would think twice before messing with.

Teeter was introduced to ‘Yellowstone’ fans at the beginning of season three as the little fireplug with a deep Texas accent that is so thick it’s hard to understand. Teeter has been known not to shy away from a fight as she had her fair share of scraps during the season.

Jason Rodriguez, ‘Yellowstone’s stunt coordinator, says that Jen is a fun but unpredictable character.

“I love the new character, Teeter. She’s just always fun to watch. The things that come out of her mouth are unbelievable.”

The video cuts away to Teeter, saying the ridiculous things that Rodriguez refers to. She was sitting on the roof of the barn, hollering down to Jimmy. “You look like a plucked mother f**king chicken. Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, bawking.”

‘Yellowstone’ Relationship

The budding relationship between Teeter and Colby is nothing to look past. With Teeter relentlessly chasing Colby, who is constantly opposed to the woman’s efforts, he finally gives her a chance after the two are attacked while swimming in the river by Clint and his son Wade.

“And Jen has really taken on the character, and she’s worked really hard with her riding and her roping and all the aspects that Teeter has to be accomplished at. She has done a phenomenally good job doing it. I love working with her and Denim, Colby, and Teeter. They’re just fun to be around.”

In season three, we see city versus country during the notorious biker brawl scene, which includes our fearless Teeter and the rest of the ‘Yellowstone’ cowboys. They take on the leather-wearing biker gang who refuse to leave the Dutton’s property.

“When we did the scene with the bikers, which is another one of the bigger action pieces. We really had fun with it. She really took that fight to the stunt people, and they really had a good time fighting with her, and she was tough as nails. She did all that fight herself and was just jumping up and wanting to go again. She’s awesome.”

Please be aware of the language in this video.

We will be patiently waiting on our coach to see what Teeter jumbles out next. Until then, we will settle with reruns of our fearless heroine.