‘Yellowstone’ TV: Stunt Coordinator Jason Rodriguez Opens Up About Favorite Parts of the Job

by Jacklyn Krol
Photo courtesy of Paramount Network

What is it like to work on Yellowstone? Stunt Coordinator Jason Rodriguez revealed his favorite parts of his job.

What Jason Had to Say

Rodriguez spoke with the television team for a feature on Yellowstone’s social media platforms.

Rodriguez had a background in horses and rodeo before transitioning into all kinds of stunt work. “Due to lack of stunt people that could do horse stuff, I started to do stunts and fell in love with it and made a career out of it,” he said. Season 2 is when he officially became the stunt coordinator for the show.

“I always enjoy the stuff with the horses,” he said of his favorite moments. “If it’s as simple as team roping scene at the ranch or branding scenes, any of those are just fun for me because that’s my bread and butter and my background.”

Another favorite aspect is putting together fight scenes. He noted that the hallway scene with Beth and Jamie was a standout choreographed number for him.

Watch the interview, below.

What is Involved as ‘Yellowstone’ Stunt Coordinator

Rodriguez revealed that once he gets a script, he usually puts his head in his hands and wonders how they will accomplish these impressive stunts and action sequences. “Then my job is to figure out how to accomplish that,” he said.

Rodriguez said that show creator Taylor Sheridan writes such visually detailed scenes that it makes his job easier. “[It’s easier] to stick with what he is envisioning and what he put on the paper,” he explained.

As for Jefferson White, who portrays Jimmy on the show, he had to endure cowboy camp. Rodriguez said that Jimmy was some of the comedic relief when it came to filming action scenes. During Season 3, Rodriguez used his background in rodeo to create Jimmy rodeo scenes as close to a typical rodeo as possible.