‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Actor Brecken Merrill Marks Kelly Reilly’s Birthday With Sweet Behind-the-Scenes Story

by Thad Mitchell

Two stars of Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” got a birthday wish from the youngest member of the show’s cast.

Becken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton, took time out of his Sunday to wish Kelly Reilly and Taylor Sheridan a happy birthday. Reilly plays Beth Dutton on Yellowstone and is turning 44-years-old today (Sunday). Sheridan is the creator of the modern western masterpiece and turned 51 yesterday (Saturday). The 13-year-old Merrill is the youngest regular on “Yellowstone” and took to social media to spread birthday cheer. In addition to a few photos of himself with Reilly and Sheridan, he also shares a nice story about each.

“Big birthday weekend,” he writes in the weekend Instagram post. “Today is the amazing Kelly Reilly’s birthday and yesterday was the legend himself, Taylor Sheridan’s birthday.”

In his post, Merrill shares a story on both Reilly and Sheridan with “Yellowstone” fans. He also includes a few photos of his on-set work with both of them.

“Tate doesn’t get much screen time with Beth, so I don’t have many pics with her, but I have a great story,” he writes. “There’s a breakfast scene right after Beth gets beat up and she has cuts and bruises all over her face. Kelly was so worried she looked scary she made a point of coming over to me and showing me it was all fake makeup.”

He then shares a story about “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan and his help in one of Tate’s best scenes.

“The Taylor pics are from the scene at the hospital when Tate smacks a nurse,” he writes. “The actress playing the nurse was very sweet and scared to hurt me, so she wasn’t really grabbing me hard enough. Taylor stepped in and showed her all my layers of protection and that it was okay to really grab at me and push me around. I had so much fun filming that scene!”

The young “Yellowstone” star then wishes his co-workers and friends a very special birthday weekend.

“Happy birthday weekend to Taylor and Kelly!” he says. “I love you guys!”

“Yellowstone” will return to our television set this fall and fans can’t wait to see what happens. Tate Dutton’s world could be in a state of flux as the new season begins given the events of the season three finale. The finale saw his father, Kayce Dutton, grandfather, John Dutton, and aunt, Beth Dutton, come under attack. All three Dutton family members could be dead, alive or injured when the fourth season arrives. It might be a season in which Tate Dutton has to grow up rather quickly and take on a role at the ranch.

Hang in there fellow “Yellowstone” fans — answers are coming soon.