‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Looks All Grown Up in New Pic

by Quentin Blount

Why can’t little Tate Dutton stay little forever? Perhaps he would if Yellowstone fans had their way. But the boy behind the youngest member of the Dutton family is growing up right before our eyes.

It’s hard to watch Yellowstone without having a soft spot for Tate Dutton. Played by actor Brecken Merrill, he is the only son of Kayce and Monica Dutton. And, of course, that makes him the grandson of Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton. Throughout the first three seasons of the show, Tate has always been a little defiant and a lot curious. And how can he not be?

After all, he is a Dutton. And there is an awful lot that’s going on around him at all times.

Brecken Merrill Growing Up Too Fast

We have seen Brecken Merrill grow up over the first three seasons of the show. Sure, he is still a kid, but he’s getting to be a teenager and there is so much happening to him and his family that he has been forced to grow up early. He has without a doubt grown into his own, and it has been a pleasure to watch that happen.

Speaking of which, we are all ready for season four when the hit Paramount Network show makes its highly-anticipated return. Thankfully, we can follow some of the cast members on social media. Brecken Merrill, for example, is a delight to follow. He posts awesome facts about the show and sometimes even dives into the behind-the-scenes of why things happen the way they do.

On Monday, however, he simply posted a selfie, and it hits us all in the feels. He looks so grown up! He offered up his mature new look without a caption.

Yellowstone fans of course, seem to be just as torn up as we are over the fact that Tate Dutton keeps growing up.

“I can really see a change in your face,” one person commented. “The little boy is growing up.”

Other fans left messages like, “You are becoming a handsome young man,” and “Great pic! You are growing up too fast.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Ready for Season Four

We are all eager and ready for season four to be here and in our lives. Heck, eager and ready may be an understatement. We’re getting pretty close to being desperate. Even Brecken Merrill knows that we are anxious to get back to one of our favorite shows.

In the spirit of him growing up too fast, he posted a hilarious selfie of him “aging” as we all wait for season four to return.

“All the jokes about Tate being in college or married by the time season 4 starts crack me up!” Merrill wrote. “Just remember, it will be worth the wait! #yellowstonetv #yellowstoneseason4 #duttonranch #bunkhouseboys #tatedutton #letsgotowork #horsingaround”

Yellowstone season four will air on Paramount Network sometime this fall.