‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Attempts ‘80s Challenge’ With Mother

by Katie Maloney

Can Yellowstone actor Brecken Merrill open a cassette tape case? Find out now in this 80s challenge post.

There’s a new trend going around where parents who grew up in the 80s give their kids some items from the era and see if their kids can figure out what it is. It’s pretty hilarious to see kids struggle with things that were once considered the height of technology in the 80s. Well, Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton on Yellowstone, just completed the challenge with his mom.

His mom shared photos of Brecken trying to open a cassette tape case and dial a rotary phone. Along with the photos she wrote, “My mom made us do an 80s challenge today. I may not have figured out how to open a cassette tape but I successfully made a call on a rotary phone.”

As a reward for completing the challenge, Tate received tickets for Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience.

In the post, his mom wrote,” At the end of all the challenges she surprised us with Stranger Things tickets!! I’m going to the upside down!”

What is Brecken Merrill’s Favorite Scene as Tate Dutton On Yellowstone?

Since season one of Yellowstone, Tate has been through a lot. Besides dealing with the everyday growing pains that come with being a kid, Tate also got kidnapped. Not to mention the fact that his family is the biggest target for violence and retaliation in the area. But Brecken doesn’t seem to be phased by any of it. He seems to understand the line between onscreen life and real life. During an interview in 2018, Brecken talked about what it’s like starring on a hit show.

“It’s really fun, like riding horses. I actually have a specific horse that I like to ride. It’s Taylor’s [Sheridan] horse. Her name is Tilly. It’s black and white, it’s beautiful. I had like five horseback lessons in Montana for like an hour on Tilly. It’s really cool,” said Brecken.

Brecken also talked about his character’s relationship with his onscreen dad.

“He thinks his dad is a superhero, he thinks he’s the strongest person on Earth. He really loves his dad,” said Brecken. “Actually, my favorite scene is with him. I throw fish in Dave’s face. I actually feel bad for Dave.”

Brecken is referring to the scene where his father’s friend makes fun of him and throws a tinfoil packet full of food as a joke. But Tate doesn’t see the joke and gets upset. He stands up and says, “Don’t throw things at my dad!” And he throws a packet of fish at the guy. Throwing food is always a fun thing to do as a kid, so we get why it would be his favorite scene. Overall, Brecken said that he was enjoying the experience.

“Riding horses, fighting a snake, it has been a great experience,” said Brecken.

Brecken Merrill talks about working on Yellowstone.