‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Heads ‘Back to School’ Ahead of Season 4 Release

by Jon D. B.

Now that Yellowstone‘s own Tate Dutton, Brecken Merrill, has wrapped up filming for Season 4, he is heading back to school. But not just any school!

According to Merrill’s latest Instagram posts, he has some exciting news for this school year. Indeed, the Yellowstone star is “All set for back to school,” and will be attending a brand new learning program alongside his sister! Today is his first day, and he’s sharing a great “#backtoschool” shot (see below) to celebrate.

“I’m happy to have been accepted into the same performing arts school as my big sister,” Merrill announced recently on his official Instagram. “I fully intend to be taller than her by the end of the year…”

We’ll hold you to that, Brecken, as we have no doubt you will be! The young actor has been sprouting like a weed whilst starring on Yellowstone. Can you believe how much taller he is now?

Is it just us, or is Brecken already taller in this shot than the last one with his sister?

“I get to go back to school after 3 years off due to my acting schedule. I’m so excited!” replies fellow young actor Spencer Allport.

“Good luck stay safe. Remember you rock!” replies Yellowstone fan Sandra. Fellow fans echo her sentiments throughout the comments with well-wishes like “Good luck! Have fun!” and my personal favorite: “Go get’em kiddo.”

‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill

If you haven’t read it from us by now, then allow us to reiterate how much the Tate Dutton actor looks like a true teenager these days! Gone are the days of the tiniest Dutton… Soon enough, Yellowstone Ranch will be dragging Tate the young man into family affairs! Or will Monica and Kayce do everything they can to keep him from harm’s way? Specifically Monica – as she’s been incredibly uneasy with Tate’s closeness to the Duttons.

Why shouldn’t she be? Look how it has worked out for the kid so far… Almost drowning in a river, getting scarred for life by that horrific kidnapping, etc…

Speaking of, while filming “the infamous kidnapping rescue scene” as Brecken calls it himself, the young Yellowstone breakout points recently revealed this sequence “was actually filmed at the beginning of shooting for season three, which meant it had been several months since shooting the previous scene where Tate goes to feed Lucky.”

To this end, Merrill reveals he “had grown, fueled by a steady diet of Choco Chimps and donuts” to where he “was a good 4 inches taller!”

See? Growing like a damn weed. Color us curious to see if we get one last season of Tiny Tate with Season 4 come Fall 2021.