‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Shows Behind-the-Scenes Video of Jake Ream Teaching Him To Rope

by Jacklyn Krol

Yellowstone star Brecken Merrill gave fans his weekly dose of behind-the-scenes content.

On Sunday, August 8, the Tate Dutton actor gave “a little glimpse of everyone hanging out between scenes.” He shared video clips and photos from the set of the show. Every Sunday before the season premiere of the show, he shares some backstage photos from on the set on his Instagram account. It even features his fellow castmates and shows just what goes into creating Yellowstone.

“You can see #jakeream teaching me how to rope. #lukegrimes is there too – he’s a much better roper than I am,” he wrote alongside the clip.

He also shared a photo of him getting glammed up before they started rolling.

“And the first pic is Shannon and Andrew doing quick last-second adjustments before we shoot the scene,” he explained.

The final two photos showed him and Kevin Costner near the horses waiting to film. Fans are reminded just how much he grew in-between seasons. Tate may not be so young in Yellowstone Season 4.

See all of the action below.

What This ‘Yellowstone’ Star Has Been Up To

The 13-year-old Yellowstone actor was recently accepted into the same performing arts school as his big sister.

Additionally, casting for the Yellowstone prequel Y:1883, has Merrill quite excited. He discovered that his character’s great grandparents, James and Margaret Dutton, will be played by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The story follows the Dutton family in their attempt to settle by crossing the Great Plains. In addition, actor Sam Elliott will play the guide, Shea Brennan.

He has recently poked fun at Yellowstone fans who keep suggesting that Tate will be in college by the time that the next season airs. He shared a photo of him edited as an old man.

Last Sunday, Merill shared a behind-the-scenes story with fans. During Season 1, fans will recall grandpa Dutton and Tate down by a local river. Tate was almost lost to the current until grandpa stepped in and saved him. For that scene, a stunt double, dummy, and Merrill were all used. He practiced in a local hotel pool before graduating to the actual river.

During the actual filming, rescuers were on hand just in case something went wrong. To keep him even more comfortable, he even got his own hot tub in the middle of the woods to warm up. But it was Kevin Costner who shocked him with his abilities.

“We should all take a moment to be thoroughly impressed with @kevincostnermodernwest in this scene,” Merrill wrote. “He had to scoop me and all of my heavy, wet layers out of the river and RUN with me through the woods for what felt like a really long distance. MORE THAN ONCE. I was 90% water and 10% donuts that day. #Johndutton is strong.”