‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Shares Photo Learning to ‘Perfect’ a Unique Pose

by Jon D. B.

How time flies. ‘Yellowstone’s youngest star, Tate Dutton’s adorable Brecken Merrill, looks far more grown up in his latest post to social media.

Stop growing, Tate! By far one of the brightest spots of ‘Yellowstone,’ Brecken Merrill is as perfectly cast as his adult co-stars. If his latest post to Instagram is anything to judge by, however, young Merrill may be growing up faster than fans can handle.

“Ya gotta incorporate the lip-bite more! We love your TikTok!” Merrill’s team shares to the social media platform. His account, which is run by his mother, posts in tribute to Josh Morris, another young star who the ‘Yellowstone’ actor may be looking to emulate. If you ask us, Brecken, which you clearly are, we say you’re too young for the lip bite! Don’t grow up too fast!

The main event here, however, is how unbelievably fast Merrill seems to be growing up. Looking far older than he did in Season 3 of ‘Yellowstone,’ young Brecken seems to have sprouted like a weed! He is, after all, 12-years-old now – a far cry from the tiny boy who began filming with the show’s pilot. Seriously, look at him compared to above!

“Oh my gosh, you’re growing up so fast! I don’t think the world is ready for a pre-teen Tate!” one fan comments, echoing what we’re all thinking. Take a look for yourself below, and hope, like us Outsiders, that we at least got one more full ‘Yellowstone’ season with tiny Tate come Season 4 in 2021:

If you’re having trouble viewing Brecken’s post, you can follow his official Instagram here.

Has Tate Dutton Been ‘Yellowstone’s Most Important Character All Along?

In the aforementioned pilot episode, viewers meet a tiny Tate as he discovers a fossil formation. Not just any fossil, however, but actual dinosaur bones on his family’s land. It’s a startling discovery, sure, but becomes far more perplexing as cable’s #1 drama moves along – and Tate grows up significantly.

His discovery features prominently in the opener – then, oddly – vanishes without a trace for the majority of Seasons 1-3. Viewers have yet to see these fossils again since Kayce’s homestead was hit by marauders. Surely, however, there’s far more to Tate’s original storyline? Outsider thinks so – and we’re hoping it is resolved before actor Brecken Merrill grows up on us!

As the show has continued, viewers have come to know creator/writer Taylor Sheridan’s love for foreshadowing, too. Sheridan has tied in distinct instances of the storytelling tactic – especially for John Dutton himself.

With all of this in mind, Tate’s discovery has to come back into play -and prominently. The fossils have been given their own storyline, so to speak, after all. So when it all comes down to the final straw(s), these historic treasures should prove invaluable to the family – and one Tate Dutton himself.

We can’t wait to see where the tiniest Dutton’s story leads in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 come Summer 2021.