‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Was ‘Thoroughly Impressed’ with Kevin Costner in One Dangerous Scene

by Jennifer Shea

Many “Yellowstone” fans have been chafing at the delayed Season 4 premiere. But luckily for them, both the Paramount Network and the cast of the show have provided a steady stream of marathons, encouraging words and behind-the-scenes details to tide fans over.

Now along comes “Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton on the show, with a fascinating account of the filming of a pivotal Season 1 scene.

In a new Instagram post, Merill says everyone should be “thoroughly impressed” with co-star Kevin Costner, who plays Tate’s grandfather John Dutton, for his acting abilities in that scene.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Recounts Filming Dangerous Scene

In the scene Merrill is talking about, from season one, grandpa Dutton gets to spend some quality time with his grandson, only to nearly lose the tyke to the swift currents of a local river.

As Merrill recounts it, when they shot the river scene, both his stunt double, Juliana Potter, and a dummy also took part, the three of them “all dressed up like the strangest triplets.” And the “Yellowstone” crew didn’t just toss Merrill into the water, either. First, they went to a local pool.

“Yellowstone has always been great at putting safety first,” Merrill wrote on Instagram. “Weeks before we shot the river sequence, stunt coordinator #wadeallen tested my swimming abilities in a hotel pool.”

As they shot the scene, swift water rescuers and skilled stunt people shadowed their progress, and the crew set up a special hot tub in the middle of the woods, plus a warming tent. Merrill also wore a wetsuit under his several layers of clothes. When he and Costner stood at the water’s edge, “Yellowstone” crew members kept them warm with water sprayed from a hose.

“We should all take a moment to be thoroughly impressed with @kevincostnermodernwest in this scene,” Merrill summed up. “He had to scoop me and all of my heavy, wet layers out of the river and RUN with me through the woods for what felt like a really long distance. MORE THAN ONCE. I was 90% water and 10% donuts that day. #Johndutton is strong.”

Season 4 Is on the Way

After the anticipated June launch of Season 4 came and went with no premiere, “Yellowstone” fans started to get a little antsy. Then the news broke last month that Paramount was eyeing early November for the premiere.

For one thing, Paramount reportedly reasoned, November is the typical corridor for returning prestige and must-see television. For another, that time frame would allow the network to cross-promote “Yellowstone” on NFL broadcasts.

Fans were none too happy to learn they’d have to wait months longer. But in the meantime, “Yellowstone” has released a Season 4 trailer that promises fans, “Revenge will be worth the wait.”