‘Yellowstone’ TV: Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill Posts Adorable Photo with New Baby Cousin

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill on Saturday shared a cute picture of himself holding his new baby cousin in New York City. The Tate Dutton actor and the tiny newborn wore matching shirts in the picture, underscoring their family ties.

“Accidentally coordinated with the little dude,” Merrill posted to Instagram.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Brecken Merrill Is Growing Up

Audiences may be used to thinking of the “Yellowstone” actor as a tyke. But Merrill is moving toward adolescence, as his recent social media posts show.

When he’s not filming “Yellowstone,” Merrill has been busy with his new puppy – a Jack Russell Terrier named Betty – and his new hobby, dissecting owl pellets. Still, it seems he’s not at the stage where he’s embarrassed by his parents yet. The actor still found time to take his mom out to sushi for Mother’s Day and to attempt an ’80s challenge with her this past April.

“Yellowstone” fans are no doubt hoping that Merrill or his castmates will drop some spoilers or hints about when the Season 4 premiere will be. But so far, no luck. Looks like audiences will just have to wait until sometime later this month for the next season to hit screens.

Merrill Enjoys His Work

The young actor says he likes playing Tate on “Yellowstone.” He hasn’t even minded all the horseback riding lessons he’s had to take to portray his character, he said in a behind-the-scenes featurette for the Paramount Network.

“It’s really fun riding horses,” Merrill said. “I actually have a specific horse that I like to ride. It’s Taylor’s horse. Its name is Tilly, it’s black and white. It’s beautiful.”

“I had like five horseback lessons, in Montana, for like an hour on Tilly, which is pretty cool,” he added.

Moreover, Merrill clearly grasped early on that he was playing someone distinct from himself on the show. As he understands Tate, there’s a bit of hero-worship toward his dad Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) going on, perhaps even excessively so.

“He thinks his dad is like a superhero,” Merrill explained. “He thinks he’s like the strongest person on Earth, and he really loves his dad.”

All told, playing Tate has been a priceless experience for Merrill, who seems to enjoy all the scrapes his character gets into. He said his favorite scene was probably the one in which Tate throws fish into the face of Lee Dutton (Dave Annable.)

“Riding horses, fighting a snake,” Merrill summed up. “It has been a great experience.”  

Watch Merrill talk “Yellowstone” here: