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‘Yellowstone’ TV Teases Potential Relationship Changes Between Jamie and Kayce in New Update

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“Brothers first…” Is ‘Yellowstone’ teasing a big storyline and/or shake-up for Jamie and Kayce Dutton with this update ahead of Season 4?

No one does dysfunctional family like the Duttons. And after that absolutely insane Season 3 finale, the potential for unbelievable family drama is afoot. For many ‘Yellowstone’ fans, one Jamie Dutton is a prime suspect for the hits put out on his family.

Others, however, staunchly believe John Dutton’s adopted son is simply not capable of killing his father, sister, or brother.

No matter the case, ‘Yellowstone’s official Instagram is teasing a close future ahead for the latter. Despite his “black sheep” persona and beyond questionable ways he and his immediate family treat one another, Jamie and Kayce has remained close throughout it all.

“Brothers first,” the show posts of the pair Thursday. It’s an intriguing image and prompt to share after the Season 3 finale, that’s for sure. The photo also happens to be one ‘Yellowstone’ hasn’t shared before. Could the significance of these factors mean cable’s #1 drama is hinting at some serious Season 4 plot points between the last remaining Dutton brothers? To the eyes of Outsider’s die-hard fans… we absolutely think so.

Check out the full dose of brotherly love for yourself below. Then, let’s get down to the brass tacks of Jamie & Kayce’s future.

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‘Yellowstone’s Last Remaining Dutton Brothers: Is Jamie Capable of Hurting Kayce?

Regardless of their love for one another, Season 3’s massive revelations for Jamie beg the question: is he truly capable of hurting Kayce? On any level?

Back when Season 1 was plowing the way for ‘Yellowstone’ to become the mega-hit it is today, Jamie Actor Wes Bentley spoke at length to the relationships his character held with family members at the time.

“With Kayce, I feel like Jamie definitely has an older brother relationship with him,” Bentley starts off of his relationship with Luke Grimes’ younger Kayce Dutton.

“He cares a lot about Kayce. And he worries about Kayce, because I think he knows Kayce is so volatile and unpredictable.”

Throughout S1-3, we’ve seen this play out to a great degree. While Jamie has purposefully moved to hurt both Beth and their father, he’s absolutely gone easy on Kayce in comparison. In fact, the two rarely come to true odds unless it involves another family member. Or getting Kayce out of trouble, rather than into it.

“He loves his brother, but [Jamie] also knows [Kayce] is a danger to the family business. And that’s part of Jamie’s job. So he has to look at Kayce through two different lenses.”

Yet as we see in the in-depth look at Jamie’s Dutton family dynamics below, he’s ready to take down any family member who stands in his way – even by the end of Season 1. And so, so much has happened for him in the following seasons. Could Jamie be party to the assassination attempts at the end of S3, then? Only time – and Season 4 – will tell.