‘Yellowstone’ TV: Teeter Actress Jen Landon Lived In Montana During ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ Before Landing Role On Show

by Katie Maloney

Even Hollywood celebrities go through stuff sometimes. That was certainly the case for Yellowstone‘s Jen Landon is no exception.

Certainly, Teeter is a stand-out character on Yellowstone. Since her debut on the show in episode two of season three, Teeter has captured the wild hearts of Yellowstone fans everywhere. Whether she’s mumbling something no one can understand or skinny dipping in lakes, Teeter can always be counted on for some comic relief. In real life, Jen Landon, who plays Teeter on the show, may not be as rough, hard to understand, or aggressive when pursuing her love interests. However, there’s certainly one trait that she shares with her Yellowstone character: an adventurous spirit. In fact, years before landing the role on the show, Landon uprooted her life and decided to check out the beautiful state of Montana. In 2013, long before Yellowstone was on anyone’s radar, Landon packed up her bags and moved to a town in Montana. During an interview last year, Landon talked about taking in the gorgeous landscapes in the state.

“I lived up just 40 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. I went through like an early mid-life crisis. Like a quarter-life crisis,” said Landon. “I went for a walk about and I ended up at a ranch in Paradise Valley.”

Landon added that the scenery in the area was so beautiful she thought she was losing her mind.

“I think I thought I was hallucinating when I went to Yellowstone National Park for the first time,” said Landon.

The Yellowstone star also revealed her secret feelings about Montana.

“I always feel like I’m going to get in trouble for saying this. But Montana is my favorite state,” said Landon. “Sorry California.”

Jen Landon talks about moving to Montana before filming Yellowstone

Yellowstone Actress Jen Landon Thought She Completely ‘Tanked’ Her Teeter Audition

Most fans can’t imagine Yellowstone without Jen Landon as Teeter. But Landon said she was sure she tanked her audition for the role. During an interview, Landon explained why she didn’t think she was getting a job on the show.

 “They called me in, I was super nervous and I didn’t think I was gonna get it, at all,” said Landon. “I thought I tanked the audition. Apparently, I did not, but I thought I tanked it so hard.”

During an episode of Stories From the Bunkhouse, Landon expanded on her audition experience with her Yellowstone co-stars. She said the audition went so bad she was convinced that she would quit acting.

“I kept having the casting associate read the scene again,” said Landon. “It is also a big audition no-no for any actors who are watching. I walked out and I called my manager like, ‘I’m quitting! I tanked! I’ve gotta become, like, a hooker or a writer after this, man. No more acting!’”

Jen Landon talks about her character Teeter on Yellowstone.