‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Teeter’ Actress Jen Landon Reveals Why She Is So Into Colby

by Jon D. B.

“I knew immediately she was going to be obsessed with Colby.” Dive into the psyche of a Yellowstone bombshell with Teeter’s own Jen Landon.

Whether she’s running down a hill naked or telling everyone exactly what she’s thinking, Teeter is responsible for some of Yellowstone‘s most priceless scenes. This is, no doubt, entirely due to actor Jen Landon’s bombastic yet complex portrayal of this fascinating woman. And pair her with Denim Richard’s straight-edged Colby? Well, then you’ve got a recipe for “the unexpected relationship that we can’t live without.”

“Teeter is a character you just can’t prepare for,” Richards starts in Yellowstone‘s montage baring the above as caption. And Jen Landon’s own words show how Colby could never have prepared for a bombshell like Teeter.

“There’s a lot of guys in that bunkhouse, and I knew immediately she was going to be obsessed with Colby,” Landon smiles, without a hint of Teeter’s trademark accent. “She thinks he’s the most attractive guy she’s ever seen.”

A fair bargain when said ranch hand is portrayed by strapping Denim Richards. Yet it’s not just Colby’s looks that Teeter’s after. According to Landon, it’s all about the thrill – and breaking through the staunch shell Colby has put around his rigid self.

“But also… Teeter gets off on the chase,” she reveals. Oh, we know, Jen. And it’s hysterical to watch. In addition, Landon points out that “[Colby] has all sorts of rules [Teeter] thinks would be pretty fun to chip away at.”

‘Yellowstone’s Diamond in the Rough: Teeter

For fans, this will instantly conjure memories of the pair’s skinny dipping. Landon says a lot of character development led up to that point, and although their spontaneity quickly turns into a fight for their lives, she seems genuinely pleased these two were able to bring their Season 3 story “full circle.”

“I think Teeter gets the sense that she’s worn him down just enough,” she says of Colby finally embracing her character’s wild side. “He’s a good looking young man, I’m a good looking young female, why the hell would they not go skinny dipping in a river?” she smiles. “I mean it’s just that simple for her.”

Relive “The unexpected relationship that we can’t live without” through Yellowstone‘s montage below:

What a priceless pairing. These two have far from a typical friendship or courtship (if we can either call them this). Yellowstone fans, however, are certain that their long-awaited kiss seals a relationship between straight-edged Colby and rough-riding Teeter.

But do the actors see it the same way? Denim Richards, for one, doesn’t. Or at least, it’s not that simple in his portrayal of Colby. In his mind, what could possibly keep these two potential lovers apart? Richards recently spilled the beans on just that, and we covered it right here on Outsider.com.

Either way, it’s anyone’s guess where these two end up in Yellowstone Season 4. And we can’t wait to find out.