‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Teeter’ Actress Jen Landon Tries Hand at Cutting Horses in Celebrity Competition

by Madison Miller

Since 1995, all kinds of celebrities have tried their hand at cutting horses for a charity event. Now, for Jen Landon, “Teeter” in the show “Yellowstone,” she is one step closer to understanding the horse-riding, ranch-living lifestyle.

Teeter is the ranch hand that comes to work for John Dutton. She first appears in season 3, episode 2 of the Paramount Network series.

Cutting for Charity

Cutting is an American Western-style sport. The main goal is for a horseback rider to separate cows from a herd and then prevent it from returning. On “Yellowstone,” the actors have done their fair share of riding. In fact, one of People’s Sexiest Men of the Year, Cole Hauser, even admits just how much rigor is involved. The actor said he is sore for a week when he has to return back to work.

“Horseback riding, as you know, at a very high level, is a hell of a workout for core and back and legs, and you name it,” Hauser said.

This year the Careity charity is hosted its annual event at the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas. The showdown took place earlier this week on Friday at 7 p.m.

Nicole Sheridan, the wife of the show creator Taylor Sheridan, also participated in the competition.

Also alongside Sheridan and Landon are other “Yellowstone” cast members such as Mo Brings Plenty and Gil Birmingham. They will also be joined by figures like Jolie Holliday, Katie Keenie, Sonny Burgess, and others. In order to donate in honor of a celebrity, visit here.

It’s a bit of a small cast reunion for a good cause.

The Work of the Careity Foundation

The Careity Foundation is focused on helping those going through a cancer diagnosis. On their website, it states: “The diagnosis is just the beginning of a very long journey for many cancer patients. Our goal is to save lives and stay involved, helping and supporting patients through their journey, giving families hope and keeping them focused on healing. “

Careity provides direct care. They have provided $3,000,000 in direct patient services in 2019 and 7,600 patient visits. From direct patient services to breast care to pediatric palliative care to a men’s initiative, the foundation has its own established means of assistance.

The goal of the celebrity cutting fundraiser is to continue to raise funds for their goal of helping cancer patients survive and prosper.

In previous years, the charity event has brought together anyone from actors to sports figures to physicians together. The celebrities then have a two-and-a-half encounter with the cattle. While some may have horseback riding experience, others only have the experience that came from a few lessons beforehand.