‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Teeter and Colby Actors Think They Would Survive Season 3?

by Halle Ames

Did Yellowstone ranch hands Teeter and Colby actors think they were going to survive the hit show’s third season?

We definitely didn’t.

The Attack on Teeter and Colby

While the rest of the Yellowstone ranch family and cowboys are out at the rodeo, Teeter, and Colby are instructed to stay behind and watch over things.

As the two are fixing the fences throughout the pasture, Teeter, who has a growing affection for Colby, suggests they go for a quick little swim. The bad*ss, wild woman takes off for the creek nearby, shedding clothes as she runs.

By the time she reaches the water, she is wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

Colby, who continuously is denying Teeter’s advances, agrees to a swim. He removes his shirt and walks to the water.

At the creek’s far bank, Wade and his son Clint Marrow sit on their horses, waiting for the two.

“This ain’t no free titty show,” barks Teeter at the two men.

“Listen to the mouth on this one,” said Wade.

The men proceed to tell the two young ranch hands to give John Dutton a message on their behalf. The Marrow men charge in the water with their horses, stomping, beating, and whipping Colby and Teeter. The two are getting crushed and drowned, and honestly, things aren’t looking good.

The last thing we see in the scene is the water calming, but the two are nowhere to be found.

It’s not until the next episode that Yellowstone reveals they are alive but badly beaten and bloody. Since cheating death, Colby finally gives in to his feelings for Teeter, and their relationship begins.

‘Yellowstone’ Actors Chime In

Did Jen Landon and Denim Richards, the actors that portray Teeter and Colby, believe their characters would survive Yellowstone season three after the attack?


“I definitely died,” stated Richards. “I was dead, I mean, for sure, when reading that for the first time.”

On the other hand, Jen Landon has no idea what her character will endure. She didn’t read the Yellowstone script yet.

“So about that, I should say it was Sunday morning, and I don’t know if you guys know this, but Taylor [Sheridan] calls me up, and he’s like ‘you don’t die.’ And I’m like ‘what?’ and he says, ‘the next script that’s coming out, you’re going to think you died, but you don’t die’ and was basically like ‘oh and tell Denim.”

Denim, who has already read the script, was disheartened to think Colby died. Landon quickly notified her co-worker that this was not the case.

“So by this time, I had already read the script, and then I got a text from you [Landon], and I’m freaking out. Running around my house in a manic state, like ‘oh my God what?'”

The two have sealed their fate on Yellowstone season four for now, but who knows what curve balls we will be thrown come June.