‘Yellowstone’ TV Tells Fans to ‘Come and Get It’ with Epic John Dutton Clip

by Jon D. B.

“Come and get it,” growls Wade Morrow. “I plan to,” answers Yellowstone‘s stalwart patriarch in this undeniably awesome Season 3 moment.

It was a long time coming. But in Season 3, John Dutton would finally get his revenge against Wade Morrow. S3, Episode 9, titled “Meaner Than Evil” would see the end of the Morrows, with both Wade (Boots Southerland) and Clint Morrow (Brent Walker) dying a brutal death at the hands of Rip & the Yellowstone ranchers.

Everything came to a head after the Morrows decided they could get away with an attack on ranch hands Teeter and Colby. Not in John Dutton’s house.

Before it all went down, however, we got this brilliant moment between Kevin Costner’s John and Sutherland’s Wade.

“Wade… You have somethin’ that belongs to me,” Dutton tells his old friend-turned-enemy.

“Come and get it,” Wade points.

“I plan to,” John threatens. And as Yellowstone fan Haifa replies on Twitter, “He did it!!”

What a scene. Relive this iconic exchange above as we continue to gear up for Season 4.

Will ‘Life According to John Dutton’ Forever be the ‘Yellowstone’ Way?

If you’re not following Yellowstone‘s official Twitter in the lead up to Season 4, Outsider highly recommends doing so. Alongside gems like Monday’s above, the show’s social media team often delivers other priceless nuggets for followers.

Perhaps our favorite of all time comes courtesy of Life According to John Dutton. This fantastic montage sees the show relive nearly all of the patriarch’s best moments. They do so by channeling “life lessons” through the characters’ excellent dialogue – all courtesy of highlights from seasons 1 through 3.

What results is a brilliant look back at what makes Kevin Costner’s iconic character tick. It all begs the question: “What would John Dutton do?”

“Let the wise words Yellowstone’s patriarch guide you through life,” the show offers of the footage. Which, honestly, if you take out his highly-questionable family ethics and y’know, all the murder, then John Dutton is 100% full of life lessons.

If you’re sold (and why else would you still be here!), then head on over to our ‘Yellowstone’ TV Just Delivered the Lessons We All Need with ‘Life According to John Dutton’ Video to watch the montage in full.

“This Ain’t Checkers, Son.” The Best John Dutton Lines of All Time

But first, let’s relive some of John Dutton‘s other iconic lines alongside his Wade Morrow retort above.

“Trout are like bankers… Don’t do a damn thing in the morning.”

John Dutton on Fishing

“Living day to day isn’t living, Monica. It’s surviving. With no regard for tomorrow.”

John Dutton on Future Planning

“That’s the thing about being a grandfather. I get to do all the things I wish I’d done with my children. And the things I regret, I get to do different.”

John Dutton on Redemption

“I made a promise. And I’d rather lose it than break it.”

John Dutton on Promises

“This is America. We don’t share land here.”

John Dutton on Sharing

“This ain’t checkers, son. It’s chess. And you’re about to play it with masters.”

John Dutton on Board Games

 “I never had much luck on leading men and being their friend,” he tells Kayce. “Maybe it can be different for you.”

John Dutton on Leadership

Yellowstone returns with Season 4 come Fall 2021.