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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The One Thing That Could Keep Colby and Teeter Apart

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

After taking all of Yellowstone Season 3 to come together, could something ultimately keep Colby & Teeter apart? Unfortunately, Denim Richards seems to think so.

Ah, Yellowstone love. More often than not, it hurts. Yet this keeps absolutely no one (save poor Ryan) from getting busy in the bunkhouse. While some took to each other immediately regardless of (ahem) differences – see: Lloyd and Laramie – others have taken their sweet time. Such is the case for ranchers Teeter and Colby.

From stapling her face back together to her undeniable sexual harassment, these two have had anything but a typical friendship (if you could even call it that) before courtship (again, can we call it that?). Fans, however, are certain that their long-awaited kiss sealed a relationship between straight-edged Colby and rough-riding Teeter.

There’s just one problem. Denim Richards – i.e. Colby himself – doesn’t think so. At all. So what does he think could keep these two potential lovebirds apart?

“I think it’s gonna be really interesting for us to explore what that [relationship] looks like, especially because the bunkhouse is so crazy all the time,” Richards tells Pop Culture in a recent interview. “Who knows, somebody else can come into the bunkhouse and then boom, she jumps ship.”

After that kiss? What gives, Colby? Apparently, Richards views their big Yellowstone kiss as more “sweet and caring” than provocative. Were, ah, we watching the same show?

“I mean, we see that these things happen and Colby has had multiple seasons to not get too attached to people. So, I think it’s better for him to not do that,” he continues. Okay, pal. If you say so!

‘Yellowstone’: Land of Commitment Issues

And there’s our answer: Sounds like Colby (or Denim, honestly) may have some serious attachment issues, and isn’t looking to settle down just yet. The actor has, after all, filmed Yellowstone Season 4. He’s got a strong leg up on the rest of the world in knowing what’s in store for these two.

As for their Season 3 time together, Richards sounds like he’s loved every second of working with Teeter actor Jen Landon – even when she’d ask to “lick his face.”

“That’s kind of Teeter, right. It’s kind of just like one side of the pendulum,” Richards says of Teeter and Landon’s unpredictability. “And then we go to the other side and before you know it you’re like, I was just still adjusting to whatever you had just said and now, all of a sudden you’re like, here we are in this fight… So much of that, it’s the same way where it’s like, you’re just going in, you’re working the fence, doing what your job is supposed to be. And then all of a sudden you’re skinny dipping in the river and you’re like, ‘How did we get here?'”

Color us highly intrigued to see where these two end up in Yellowstone Season 4.