‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Real Dutton Ranch Posts Wildly Beautiful Look at ‘Haying Season’

by Megan Molseed

With its intriguing drama, amazing scenery, and star-studded cast – I mean, how else do you describe a case that is lead by movie star Kevin Costner? – “Yellowstone” has become the latest “must watch” series. The Paramount Networks hit Western series has gripped audiences across the nation. From coast to coast, viewers are drawn into the happenings at the Dutton’s Ranch.

While the Dutton Ranch as it’s seen on Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” may not be real, the breathtaking scenery is anything but fictional.

The hit series is filmed in a few different locations. While the bulk of Yellowstone National Park has been elsewhere, a portion of it falls in Montana. It is also in this area that some of the show is filmed.

The Real “Yellowstone” Ranch

The Dutton home that viewers see in the hit series is a real mansion. A 5,000 square foot mansion, to be exact, according to a Wide Open Country article.

The setting for the series is a Darby, Montana ranch called the Chief Joseph Ranch. In a July 3 Instagram post, the real Dutton Ranch shared a photo of an important season on the ranch, haying season.

In the breathtaking photo, we see the setting that “Yellowstone” fans have come to love. The Ranch sits in the background. The rolling hills that make up part of the picturesque landscape “Yellowstone” viewers know so well sit just beyond the buildings.

“July in Montana means haying season!” exclaimed the Chief Joseph Ranch Instagram post. We may not sure if the same kind of drama we have come to expect on “Yellowstone” exists at the real ranch. However, we do know the beautiful scenery is just as breathtaking.

An Intense Bid For Some Priceless Land

The hit western drama “Yellowstone” follows the Dutton family. Headed by John Dutton (Costner), the family’s patriarch, the ranching family faces dissension in the heart of America’s countryside. The series focuses around the Duttons, as well as the land developers who have their eyes on the land.

The ranch also borders a nearby native reservation. Each group has different ideas about how the land should be used and maintained. John Dutton is the fierce backbone of the Dutton family. His goal in life is to preserve, protect, and maintain the Dutton ranch, at all costs.