‘Yellowstone’ TV: These Fans Reliving ‘Favorite’ Scenes Have Us Begging for Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

The wait for a brand new season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is shrinking by the day as excitement continues to build.

But “Yellowstone” fans are not willing to wait that long to get their fix of modern western goodness. In the absence of new episodes, fans are going back and rewatching the first three seasons. They are also flooding various social media and online forum sites to chat up their fellow fans. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit have become the place to be for “Yellowstone” discussion. Topics of discussion encompass pretty much every aspect of the show as it is clear fans simply cannot get enough of the Emmy-Nominated show. A new season, the series’ fourth overall, expects to arrive later this year in the fall.

Recently, a thread appearing on Reddit asks fans to relive their all-time favorite “Yellowstone” scenes. Fans are then asked to share their feelings on the scene they choose as their favorite. The thread is full of great “Yellowstone” moments that will have you pumped for the upcoming new season.

“Whether your favorite is Kayce, Rip, Beth, John, or anyone else in the gang…what is your peak scene from your favorite person?” the thread starter asks.

The “Yellowstone” thread took in numerous replies from fans of the modern western drama. As you might expect, scenes from the show featuring Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler were a popular pick.

“I think the best scene, tv show-wise, is when Beth has her office taken over by the two thugs,” a fan writes. “Rip then comes in and saves the day. It is super hard to watch but good acting and suspense.”

A father and son conversation by a campfire also receives a few votes for the best overall scene.

“My favorite scene is when John and Kayce are sitting by the fire and Kayce tells his dad a war story,” another fan says. It is a turning point for both characters in the show.”

There are several different scenes from”Yellowstone” that fans choose as their favorites. Obviously, there is no right or wrong answer but it is interesting to read the feedback on particular scenes.

“When assaulting the Militia compound, Mo asking then drawing the Native symbols on Rip’s horse,” another Reddit user says. “It is a magnificent scene.”

“I also like the scene where Colby rescues Teeter.,” another fan says. “Rough and tumble Teeter is scared and shaking and Colby tends to her injuries gently, professionally and without hesitation.”

No matter which scene you pick as your favorite, we can all agree that there are a number of terrific “Yellowstone” scenes.

The fourth and newest season will certainly provide us “Yellowstone” fans with even more favorite scenes. We can’t wait till our beloved “Yellowstone” returns later this year.