‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is This Forgotten Kayce Dutton Storyline Coming Back Around in Season 4?

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans are speculating that a forgotten Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) storyline from Season 2 could reemerge in Season 4 to rear its head again.

On a recent Reddit thread, fans debated whether that loose end would be tied up in the upcoming season.

“Kayce put a bomb in the Becks plane,” one fan posted. “It looked like an altimeter set bomb. Will it come back into play?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder Loose Thread in Plot

Fans have already commented on the rather remarkable fact that the Duttons appear to have easy access to powerful explosives. It’s a circumstance that “Yellowstone” never bothers to explain. Now they’re debating whether “Yellowstone” will return to the unresolved question of the bomb in the plane.

Some fans maintained that the show would just leave it be and never return to it. After all, the dilemma of how to stop the Beck brothers’ mayhem was resolved sufficiently for many people with their deaths.

“I’m pretty much [sure] the writer is hoping we forgot all about the bomb that couldn’t be stopped,” one fan replied.

“No because the writers are really bad at maintaining a long story arc,” another fan posted. “There are numerous large plot holes in season 2 and 3. Same as Jamie’s baby.”

“Jamie’s baby had an explanation tho,” yet another fan pointed out. “Christina said she would have returned only when the baby was born (if I remember correctly).”

Kayce and Jamie Are on a Collision Course in Season 4

At the end of Season 3 of “Yellowstone,” Jamie (Wes Bentley) was ascendant, having just thwarted Beth (Kelly Reilly) with a legal maneuver that allowed him to make a decision about the future of the ranch. And Kayce was facing serious trouble, about to take on a pack of armed intruders at his office.

After rejecting the Dutton ranch and all it represented earlier in the series, Kayce, with time, has grown to see it differently. He increasingly views the ranch as the best legacy he can possibly leave for his son. And with that realization comes the recognition that it’s up to him to save it.

But with a child on the way, will Jamie feel an ownership stake in the ranch he’s worked so hard to protect? As he points out to John Dutton (Kevin Costner), he has made sacrifices to further the interests of the ranch and the family (although he does finally abandon the Dutton clan to chase his own political career, only to see that fall apart). And with his newfound knowledge about his birth family, will he be more ruthless than he was before in going after what he wants?

The “Yellowstone” Season 4 premiere is just a few short months away, so fans don’t have long left to wait to find out.