‘Yellowstone’ TV: This Pic of Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler Wearing a Ring Has Fans Freaking Out

by Thad Mitchell

The fourth season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is approaching and fans couldn’t be more excited.

In absence of their favorite show, “Yellowstone” fan are getting their modern western fix online. Online message board sites have become the place to be for all things “Yellowstone” related. Fans are digging for any kind of clue they can find that will reveal season four storylines. In a recent Reddit post, one fan thinks they may have found a big clue for season four. The post includes a photo of Rip Wheeler looking as big and bad as ever. There is nothing out of the ordinary about that, but a closer look at the photo reveals a ring on Rip’s left ring finger.

“Yellowstone” fans believe this could signify that Rip and Beth Dutton will indeed tie the knot this season. The two became engaged in season three with Beth proposing to Rip, the latter failed to summon the courage to do so. It was a great moment in “Yellowstone” history that deeply excited the show’s loyal fan base. Reddit users discussed what the wedding ring on Rip’s hand could mean for season four.

“We never see Rip wearing a ring when he’s in character,” a Redditor says of the pic. “That’s what caught my eye.”

Other fans noted that it could be Cole Hauser’s wedding ring on his finger. Hauser is the actor behind Rip Wheeler has been happily married for several years. Still, some fans are convinced that the photo signifies wedding bells in the upcoming new season. Others are just happy to see a nice pic of Hauser as Rip Wheeler.

“Well, whether the ring is Cole’s wedding ring or Rip’s, it was another great picture and a good excuse to post it,” a Yellowstone fan declares.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want Wedding Bells

Most every fan of “Yellowstone” would love to see Rip and Beth get hitched in season four. A big wrench was thrown into those plans in the final seconds of the third season finale.

Beth is one of three Dutton family members to come under attack in the cliffhanging finale to season three. She is also the recipient of a brown package that turns out to be an exploding bomb. The bomb detonates when Beth’s assistant attempts to open it, despite a warning from the former. It’s too late as the bomb explodes only a few feet from where Beth stands. The explosion is so powerful that it knocks out every window inside the office complex.

As the final seconds tick away, fans are left to wonder if Beth survives the explosion or perishes. Most fans believe she somehow survives the attack and recent casting news seems to suggest the same.

“Yellowstone” fans are hoping for Beth’s survival and western-style wedding in the future as season four grows closer.